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Transcultural Theoretical Models in Nursing Essay

Transcultural Theoretical Models in Nursing Essay Transcultural Theoretical Models in Nursing EssayPick one model/framework (please select one not described in your textbook, here are a few: Leinninger, Purnell, Sager, Galanti, Jeffreys, Spector, Andrews & Boyle) and provide an in-depth analysis:Your paper should include the following parts:Title/Cover PageIntroduction: State the model/framework that you have selected, and the reasoning behind your selectionApplication: Choose a specific cultural group (any that we have studied in this course) and apply the chosen frameworks to the cultural group. Describe the details of the framework and how your selected cultural group fits into the framework. Did it work well? Why or why not?Transcultural Theoretical Models in Nursing EssayImplications: How do you feel using a framework will impact your nursing practice? Will you continue to use a framework in your daily practice? Why or why not?Conclusion: Wrap up your thoughts and provide a brief summary of your ideas (250-400 words)Reference page: Provide a minimum of four scholarly sourcesUse APA format and clearly define the components listed above. Your paper should be between 4-6 pages, including the reference page and title/cover page. Refer to the OU Library’s APA Style Guide for assistance with formatting your paper. Click the assignment link to compare your work to the rubric before submitting it. Click the same link to submit your assignment.Transcultural Theoretical Models in Nursing EssayORDER A PLAGIARISM-FREE PAPER HERETranscultural NursingTranscultural nursing is a relatively new branch of nursing centered on the cultural analysis of varying society’s conception of nursing with regard to their core values, practices, and beliefs. According to Shen (2015)the goal of transcultural nursing is the provision of efficacious care in line with the cultural values. Emergence and the resultant development of this new branch is attributed to Leininger and his theory of Culture Care Diversity and Universality in early 70’s (Shen 2015). However, other scholars have developed varying models to ascertain adequate integration of the transcultural concepts in the nursing practice. For this paper, the focus will be on Leininger’s model of Transcultural nursing whereby the model’s efficacy will be reviewed through a case study of a distinct culture. Transcultural Theoretical Models in Nursing EssayOverview of the theoryTranscultural nursing model is simply referred as the Sunrise Model.This model harbors 11 assumptions based on the key concepts of CCDU theory. The three primary conceptions of the 11assumptions as highlighted by Leininger (2006)are; that “Care is the fundamental . . . and unifying focus of nursing.” Secondly, that “Culture care expressions, meanings, patterns . . . are different but some commonalities (universalities) exist among and between cultures” and that “every culture has generic (emic) and usually some professional(etic) care to be discovered and used for culturally congruent care practices (pp. 18–19).” According to Henderson and colleagues,the Sunrise model facilitates identification of the cultural components likely to inhibit adequate provision of care and aid the nurses to institute appropriate decisions for adequate therapeutic and culturally based care(Henderson, Horne, Hills, & Kendall, 2018)..Transcultural Theoretical Models in Nursing EssayWhy the model Selection of this model was based on itsnotable consideration of the nursing environment to heighten the adoptability of the models during practice. For instance, acknowledging the time constraint by nurses during assessment and patient care, Henderson et al. (2018) observes that Leininger’s model is composite of a short cultura logical assessment in five phases including; five senses based recording of observations; heightened attention and observation of the standard folk practices; patterns and narratives analyses; processing them together with themes; and together with the client, instigating a culturally consistent care plan. In this regard, the model can be enacted adequately in the assessment and resultant care for diverse groups and in varying health systems.Transcultural Theoretical Models in Nursing EssayConsequently, selection of this model was guided by its simplified rationale to ensure culturally congruent and holistic nursing care. Notably, the model highlights three areas of action including “preservation and/or maintenance, accommodation and/or negotiation, and repatterning and/or restructuring” (Leininger, 2006a, p. 8). Under the Cultural Care Preservation and Maintenance Henderson et al. (2018) observes that the nursing care activities are geared towards enabling individuals from a given culture to maintain their traditional care values with regard to a given health condition. Consequently, Cultural Care Accommodation or Negotiation entails care actions that help people from a given culture unite with other stakeholders in the healthcare community, with the primary objective of attaining the same goals of an optimal health outcome for all patients. Lastly, Cultural Care Re-Patterning or Restructuring refers to care practices undertaken by nurses who are well conversant with the cultural practices of their patients.Transcultural Theoretical Models in Nursing EssayModel in practice The ethnic group under review are the Filipino Americans. As such, by employing Leininger’s model culturalogical assessment a nurse would be quick to note key components characterizing the Filipino Americans culture ranging from heightened religiosity, highly patriarchal, to heightened emphasis for familial bond. Further, respect for the elderly, and a strong affinity to family heritage and beliefs are eminent in this culture. Further, the culture reveres folk care whose attributes include family member’s commitment towards care of the sick, dietary needs, and modesty towards the ill. The view of death and illness is also a notable attribute of this culture. For instance, death is viewed as solely based on Gods will, consequently, pain is viewed as a part of life and there is reverence granted to machismo.Transcultural Theoretical Models in Nursing EssayWith the understanding of the definers of the Filipino Americans culture enacting a care strategy that is culturally congruent and holistic would be easy. For instance, the preservation and maintenance approach can be implemented in this group especially with regard their generic practices. Notable examples include promotion of direct care in areas such as bathing, feeding, and other routine duties performed by those within the family wishing to engage in care with respect to these areas.Consequently, the models negotiation and accommodation would come in handy when dealing with this group.Transcultural Theoretical Models in Nursing EssayThe third mode, restructuring would also be applicable in the group. For instance, Filipino American culture is composite of heightened machismo in which case pain tolerance is considered a show of manliness and thus a postoperative male patient may be reluctant to take pain medication. Consequently the same could emanate from the cultural belief that pain is ‘punishment for sins’ and thus should be tolerated. In such cases, through repatterning and restructuring the nurse without demeaning the cultural beliefs would teach the patient about pain control and the fact that extended time before taking pain-relieving medication would instigate difficulty in attempts to alleviate and control pain. Further, the restructuring would see the nurse explain how taking the medications would result to pain relief thus allowing the patient a better time for prayers to atone for sins.Transcultural Theoretical Models in Nursing EssayOn the other hand, the cultural-religious Filipino belief of death and living as God based gifts would possibly ignite the defiance towards commitment to advance directive. In this case,restructuring would enable the nurse to both illustrate respect for the patient’s beliefs and still convince the patient to comply.For instance, an example of restricting would be the Nurse focusing on accrued benefits of compliance that are in line with the belief such as how advance directive would ensure the patient wishes and preferences are followed and honored in case of inability to verbalize them. Moreover, through the emphasis of how Setting up proxy would be an insurance that no breach of her religious or cultural beliefs and accrued wishes occur in case of anything.Transcultural Theoretical Models in Nursing EssayImplication After reviewing Leininger’s model am convinced that this model will no doubt befit application in nursing practice. For instance, through the model I will be able to negate cultural imposition and work with diverse groups providing adequate care. As observed by Shan (2015), cultural imposition inhibits care provision due to the inclination of health care providers to impose their own cultural beliefs and values to their patients instigated by notions of supremacy.Moreover, through the model I will be in a position to work with the patient at a more personal level and enable them to confer heightened trust since I will be showing adequate acknowledgement and respect of their cultural values and believes.Transcultural Theoretical Models in Nursing EssayConclusion The United States is composite of diverse populations and it is anticipated that the nation’s population will be composite of diverse racial and ethnic diversity groups in the near future.For instance, while the current multicultural population accounts for 33%, it is anticipated that ethnic minority groups will significantly increase to almost half of the population in the United States by the mid-21st century (AHRQ, 2014). Further, Shan, (2015), asserts that the discrepancy in health care quality and accessibility among minority populations is widening in the country’s healthcare settings. In this regard, considering the benefits illustrated above Leninger’s model would no doubt facilitate the elimination of these disparities.Transcultural Theoretical Models in Nursing Essay  ReferencesLaFleur, R. C., Truscott, S., Graybill, E., Crenshaw, M., &Crimmins, D. (2018). Improving Culturally Congruent Health Care for Children With Disabilities: Stakeholder Perspectives of Cultural Competence Training in an Interdisciplinary Leadership Training Program. Journal of Transcultural Nursing, 29(1), 101-111.Henderson, S., Horne, M., Hills, R., & Kendall, E. (2018). Cultural competence in healthcare in the community: A concept analysis. Health & social care in the community.Leininger, M. M. (2006a). Culture Care Diversity and Universality and evolution of the ethnonursing method. In M. Leininger& M. McFarland (Eds.), Culture care diversity and universality: A worldwide nursing theory (pp. 1–41).Chen, H. C., Jensen, F., Measom, G., Bennett, S., Nichols, N. D., Wiggins, L., &Anderton, A. (2018). Factors Influencing the Development of Cultural Competence in Undergraduate Nursing Students. Journal of Nursing Education, 57(1), 40-43.Shen, Z. (2015). Cultural competence models and cultural competence assessment instruments in nursing: a literature review. Journal of Transcultural Nursing, 26(3), 308-321. Transcultural Theoretical Models in Nursing Essay

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