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Reaching out a Solution Assignment Paper

Reaching out a Solution Assignment PaperReaching out a Solution Assignment PaperThis assignment is designed to assist you in developing a thoughtful process for advocating about an issue as a nurse, from identifying a problem that needs to be solved through articulating a process for doing so.This assignment consists of answering each of the questions listed below from the “Political Analysis and Strategies” chapter of your course textbook. Write each question as a new topic area; then follow with a paragraph or two to answer the question. Be sure to use APA guidelines for writing style, spelling and grammar, and citation of sources, if any used. This project should be no longer than 4 pages.Let us assume that you are a school nurse in a high school. At a recent school athletic event, a spectator suffered a cardiac arrest in the stands. A coach of the home team went into the high school to fetch the automatic emergency defibrillator (AED) only to find out that it was not readily available. In the meantime, an emergency squad arrived and resuscitated the spectator. On Monday morning, you learn of the absence of the AED only to find out that it had been locked in the custodian’s closet. Reflect on the following questions outlined in the “Political Analysis and Strategies” chapter:Reaching out a Solution Assignment PaperORDER A PLAGIARISM-FREE PAPER HEREWhat is the issue?Is it my issue, and can I solve it?Is this the real issue or merely a symptom of a larger one?Does it need an immediate solution, or can it wait?Is it likely to go away by itself?Can I risk ignoring it?What are the possible solutions? Are there risks to these solutions?What steps would you need to take in order to solve the issue?Does anyone else at the school need to be involved in the solution?Where is the power leverage in the school to reach the preferred solution?Reaching a solution requires the use of power vested in the nurse. Review Box 9-1 (Sources of Power) and determine which type(s) of power the school nurse has in this situation. State your reasons for your answer.Reaching out a Solution Assignment PaperBox 9-1Sources of Power1. Legitimate (or positional) power is derived from a belief that one has the right to power, to make decisions and to expect others to follow them. It is power obtained by virtue of an organizational position rather than personal qualities, whether from a person’s role as the chief nurse officer or the state’s governor.2. Reward power is based on the ability to compensate another and is the perception of the potential for rewards or favors as a result of honoring the wishes of a powerful person. A clear example is the supervisor who has the power to determine promotions and pay increases.3. Expert power is based on knowledge, skills, or special abilities, in contrast to positional power. Benner (1984) argues that nurses can tap this power source as they move from novice to expert practitioner. It is a power source that nurses must recognize is available to them. Policymakers are seldom experts in health care; nurses are.4. Referent power is based in identification or association with a leader or someone in a position of power who is able to influence others and commands a high level of respect and admiration. Referent power is used when a nurse selects a mentor who is a powerful person, such as the chief nurse officer of the organization or the head of the state’s dominant political party. It can also emerge when a nursing organization enlists a highly regarded public personality as an advocate for an issue it is championing.Reaching out a Solution Assignment Paper5. Coercive power is based on the ability to punish others and is rooted in real or perceived fear of one person by another. For example, the supervisor who threatens to fire those nurses who speak out is relying on coercive power, as is a state commissioner of health who threatens to develop regulations requiring physician supervision of nurse practitioners.6. Information power results when one individual has (or is perceived to have) special information that another individual needs or desires. For example, this source of power can come from having access to data or other information that would be necessary to push a political agenda forward. This power source underscores the need for nurses to stay abreast of information on a variety of levels: in one’s personal and professional networks, immediate work situation, community, and the public sector, as well as in society. Use of information power requires strategic consideration of how and with whom to share the information.Reaching out a Solution Assignment Paper7. Connection power is granted to those perceived to have important and sometimes extensive connections with individuals or organizations that can be mobilized. For example, the nurse who attends the same church or synagogue as the president of the home health care agency, knows the appointments secretary for the mayor, or is a member of the hospital credentialing committee will be accorded power by those who want access to these individuals or groups.8. Persuasion power is based in the ability to influence or convince others to agree with your opinion or agenda. It involves leading others to your viewpoint with data, facts, and presentation skills. For example, a nurse is able to persuade the nursing organization to sponsor legislation or regulation that would benefit the health care needs of her specialty population. It may be the right thing to do, but the nurse uses her skills of persuasion for her own personal or professional agenda.Reaching out a Solution Assignment Paper9. Empowerment arises from any or all of these types of power, shared among the group. Nurses need to share power and recognize that they can build the power of colleagues or others by sharing authority and decision making. Empowerment can happen when the nurse manager on a unit uses consensus building when possible instead of issuing authoritative directives to staff, or when a coalition is formed and adopts consensus building and shared decision making to guide its process.Reaching out a Solution Assignment Paper Reaching out a SolutionWhat is the issue?The major issue in this scenario is lack of coordination between the powers in the institution. It is mandatory that the school nurse should be present at the site of athletic or any sportingactivities within the school. Since school nurses are mandated with maintaining health within the institution, they ought to be supported unanimously through sufficient equipment and medicine. In this particular case, the nurse had her expert powers but could not utilize them. Besides on further scrutiny, the automatic emergency defibrillator (AED) was locked by the custodian. In this case, the custodian used his/her legitimate power to safeguard the AED machine.Reaching out a Solution Assignment PaperIs it my issue, and can I solve it?As the school nurse, issues dealing with patient wellness within the school fall within my docket. It is therefore my responsibility to ensure that every person in the school compound receives medical attention if he/she falls ill. Since I am a trained nurse, I am entitled to apply the expert powers to ensure every sick patient is healed. Particularly, cases of sudden cardiac arrest need urgent attention, which involve defibrillation and resuscitation. As a trained nurse, I am well-endowed with the skills to apply these methods to stabilize cardiac arrest victims till they acquire admission and care from specialized professionals (Komatsu, &Yagasaki, 2014).Contrariwise, lack of coordination among various apparatuses encompasses the top brass of the institution. However, the only manner I can solve it is through application of persuasion power. I would convince other workers in the school to influence the administration to allow departmentalautonomy when such emergence matters arise.Reaching out a Solution Assignment PaperIs this the real issue or merely a symptom of a larger one?The lack of coordinationbetween powers in the school displays a problem that encompasses the whole institution. Characteristically, one can identify from the situation that the coach took the initiative to look for the AED machine, to help resuscitate the patient. Evidently, this should be the work of the school nurse. Such occurrences of employees interfering with other’s work definepoor organizational culture in the institution. It is therefore important to note that such trends depict a bigger problem that identifies with the school.Reaching out a Solution Assignment PaperDoes it need an immediate solution, or can it wait?It is evident that the problem ought to be faced by application of amicable solutions with an immediate effect. The school ought to re-evaluate its priorities to ensure smooth running of operations. The administration ought to streamline delegation of powers to avert possible conflicts (James, Nelson, &Ashwill, 2014).Specifically, the health department in essential institutions in the community,for instance schools should be accorded maximum attention. All the equipment and medication needed for dissemination of medical services should be readily at disposal. The administrators can apply the referent powers bestowed upon them to ensure the school nurse accesses all the relevant materials required to provide health services in the school.Reaching out a Solution Assignment PaperIs it likely to go away by itself?Issues concerning power and politics in institutions often take a lengthy periodic time to subside. More often than not, assigning of important positions for instance in a school setting require prolonged consultations between stakeholders (Happell et al., 2013).  Albeit the processes may be lengthy and time consuming, lasting solutions are always arrived at. However, leaving the situation as it is may further deteriorate provision of services in the learning institution.  The circumstances cannot alleviate by themselves and instead, there is need for all the stakeholders to take initiatives within their powers to guarantee stabilization. This way, normal operations in the institution would resume on better working environments.Reaching out a Solution Assignment PaperCan I risk ignoring it?I cannot afford to ignore this situation, since it directly impacts on myarea of work. Activities that involve sports and athletics are common with incidences involving health and first aid. Since I am the designated nurseof the school, I deserve the support and backing of the institution (Huston, 2013). Categorically, I need to access all the apparatus needed for first aid and treatment of patients. I ought to be in charge of all the equipment and their safety.  Consequently, if the school through referent powers decide to assign a custodian to medical equipment, it is mandatory that we coordinate with him/her directly.  Through this manner, I would administer medical services to needy patients in times of urgency.Reaching out a Solution Assignment PaperWhat are the possible solutions?In such scenarios, I would apply persuasive powers to convince my fellow employees to air our grievances to the school administration.  One solution would be to separate the departments to provide for identity. Thisway, it would be easier for administrators and auditors to evaluate and scrutinize the progressof each departmental office. Besides, it would be easier to coordinate with employees within a department, leading to self-efficacy. Since most policy makers are not well-endowed in terms of health care prowess, I would apply my information power to acquaint the school administrators on the importance of my area ofwork.Reaching out a Solution Assignment PaperAre there risks to these solutions?The possibilities of the school administrators reacting in a retaliatory manner are very high, in case corrective measures are suggested to them through persuasion by employees. Specifically, the supervisors would apply coercive powers at their disposal to threaten or sack the school workers for their actions. Besides, my job as the school nurse would in jeopardy, due to my role of persuading other employees to voice their grievances to the school management (Huston,2013).Commissioners of health would threaten to develop directives that would limit my scope of work or dismiss me summarily.Reaching out a Solution Assignment PaperWhat steps would you need to take in order to solve the issue?In such scenarios, I would apply information power to advise theschool board on the importance of autonomy of different departments in a school setting. I would present them with adequate statistics from various schools which have succeeded by guaranteeing departments powers to operate independently. I would recommend that divisions within the learning institution act in an independent manner and have the departmental head deliver timely reports to the school management. This way, employees learn the importance of coordination, leading to quality service delivery.Reaching out a Solution Assignment PaperDoes anyone else at the school need to be involved in the solution?Power and management issues in institutions need the involvement of every stakeholder. Specifically, the relationship between employers and employees is a very significant aspect that requires attention to alleviate cases of misunderstanding (James, Nelson, &Ashwill, 2014).It is necessary that all the heads of various sections in the school to convene and discuss on viable remedies when misfortunes occur. Through information power, the members can empowereach other for better working environments.Where is the power influence in the school to reach the preferred solution?The power leverage lies with all the employees in the school. Since workersplays a significant role in ensuring programs areaccomplished effectively, they ought to ensure the school management responds to their demands in a peaceful manner.Reaching out a Solution Assignment Paper ReferencesHappell, B., Dwyer, T., Reid‐Searl, K., Burke, K. J., Caperchione, C. M., & Gaskin, C. J. (2013). Nurses and stress: Recognizing causes and seeking solutions. Journal of nursing management, 21(4), 638-647.Huston, C. J. (2013). Professional issues in nursing: Challenges and opportunities. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.James, S. R., Nelson, K., &Ashwill, J. (2014).Nursing care of children-E-book: Principles and practice.Elsevier Health Sciences.Komatsu, H., &Yagasaki, K. (2014). The power of nursing: guiding patients through a journey of uncertainty. European Journal of Oncology Nursing, 18(4), 419-424. Reaching out a Solution Assignment Paper

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