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Quality Data Source Organizer Nursing Assignment

Quality Data Source Organizer Nursing AssignmentQuality Data Source Organizer Nursing AssignmentThe purpose of this assignment is to become familiar with various data sources used by health care organizations to obtain quality data. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) creates an annual report, the National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Report, which assesses the performance of the U.S. health care system. This report identifies strengths and weaknesses of the health care system in addition to disparities for access to health care and quality of health care. The report is based on more than 250 measures of quality and disparities, and it covers a broad range of health care services and settings.Quality Data Source Organizer Nursing AssignmentAccess the most current report using the “National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Reports” AHRQ website, provided in the topic Resources. Select five data sources from this report and fill in the required components on the “Quality Data Sources Organizer.”ORDER A PLAGIARISM-FREE PAPER HEREWhile APA style is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and documentation of sources should be presented using APA formatting guidelines.This assignment uses a rubric please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.Quality Data Source Organizer Nursing AssignmentRubricQuality Data Sources – RubricData Source 114.4 pointsData Source 214.4 pointsData Source 314.4 pointsData Source 414.4 pointsData Source 514.4 pointsMechanics of Writing4 pointsFormat/Documentation4 pointsTotal 80 pointsQuality Data SourcesOrganizerData Source Primary Content Population Targeted Demographic Data Schedule Is This a Source of Primary or Secondary Data? How / When / Wherethe Information MightBe Used                                                           Quality Data Source Organizer Nursing Assignment          Quality Data Sources OrganizerStudent NameInstitution AfflationInstructor’s NameCourseDue DateDataSourcePrimaryContentPopulationTargetedDemographicScheduleIs This aSource ofHow/When/This study source was downloaded by 100000764497498 from on 02-06-2022 03:59:01 GMT -06:00 Data Source Organizer Nursing AssignmentData Primary orSecondaryData?Where theInformationMight BeUsedHealthcare CostandUtilizationThe contenthas morethan ahundredclinical andnonclinicaldatavariables,includingage, gender,ethnicity,dischargestatus, andotherdiagnosticinformation.Quality Data Source Organizer Nursing AssignmentThe maintarget of thedata source isthepopulation ofindividualswho applythe non-rehabilitationand thepublichospitalsbased in theUS as per theguidelinesadvocated forby the AHA.The datausesgender,age,location,and thehouseholdearningsbased onthe codeaddressfiled bythepatient.Annual The datasource fallsunder thesecondarydata sourcesince theinformationis collectedfrom othersources andanalyzedherein.Quality Data Source Organizer Nursing AssignmentThisinformationis crucial asit can beutilized inthe hospitalsto checkwhether thepatient beingdischarged ishealth-wisefit orviolates thequality ofcare. Thedata can bemosteffective andvital inhospitalfacilitiesmanagement.NationalConsumerAssessment ofHealthcareProvidersandSystems(CAHPS)BenchmarkingDatabaseThis datasetcontains voluntaryparticipants’perspectivesand ratingsof healthprogramsandprofessionals. The 5.0version ofthereportingqueries ofthe CAHPSAdult andChildHealth PlanMembers ofthe healthcareschedules arethe intendeddemographicfor the study.A variety ofdiverse groups are beingstudied byCAHPS,including theadults,infants,minors withchronicdiseases,Medicaid,Genderlocation,Age,Ethnicity,LiteracyTheplan isannual.Secondarydata source.This sourceof datagatherssecondarydata from(CAHPS,2016).CAHPSstudies aredone byautonomousresearchproviders toa randomsample ofhealth planparticipants,According toa Value-BasedPricing (PayforPerformance) programs,most of theCAHPSpolls areused toreflect a shiftas to howCMS billsfor utilitiesand offeredservices (CAHPS, 2016).This study source was downloaded by 100000764497498 from on 02-06-2022 03:59:01 GMT -06:00 Data Source Organizer Nursing Assignment3Surveys fallinto fourkeycompositesthatsummarizepatientexperiencesin the givenareas,receiveappropriatetreatment,receiveimmediatecare, rangeof how welldoctorsinteract, andknowledgeand clientsupport onthe healthcare plan.Healthcare,andcoordinatedcare byMedicare.adhering tostrictguidelines.Healthplans,customerassociations,stateagencies,and othershave beenactive in thiscomponentsince 1998.Quality Data Source Organizer Nursing AssignmentData isobtainedthrough astandardizedcollection ofquestionsadministered via aquestionnaire survey viamail orphone.(2017NationalHealthcareQuality andDisparitiesReport,2018)NationalAmbulatoryMedicalCareSurvey(NAMCS)Informationcollectedvia medicalrecordsincludes thetype ofprovideraccessed; apurpose fora visit,diagnosis,prescription,distribution,In order togive nationalestimationsof officevisits, sampleinformation is assessed inall states anddemographiccategories.The clientvisit is thefundamentalPatient’sage,gender,locality,andethnicity.Anannualsurveypromoted byCDCSecondarySource. Thisis because itis a studythat gathersappointment, procedure,andprovider-level detailsby office-baseddoctors andTheinformationcan beutilized tohelpuniversalhealthcareworkers’expertise educationcurricula,enforcehealthThis study source was downloaded by 100000764497498 from on 02-06-2022 03:59:01 GMT -06:00 Data Source Organizer Nursing Assignment4orcontinuationofmedicines;and chosentherapiesand testsprescribedorconductedduring theencounter.Patientinformationincludesage, gender,ethnicity,and theanticipatedsource ofreimbursement. Data ondefinedattributes ofvendorproceduresare alsocollected.iterativesearch. Thisdoes notinclude theareas ofexpertise ofanesthesiology, pathology,andradiology.Interactionsby phone,meetingsoutside of thedoctor’soffice,appointmentsto hospitalsor healthcarestructures,andappointmentsmade solelyfor officialpurposes arenotconsidered(NCHS,2017).practitionersofcommunityhealthcenters(CHC) inthe UnitedStates.policy,notifymanagementof themedicalpractice, anddeterminethe qualityof care(NCHS,2017). Thedata mayalso be vitalinidentifyingandmanagingchronicconditions,such asexaminingchronicNSAID oruse of statinin elderlyvictims.Behavioral RiskFactorSurveillanceSystem(BRFSS)The goal ofthe BRFSSis to gatherin theaged populationstructured,state-specific dataonpreventivehealthactivitiesandantisocialbehaviorlinked withThisquestionnaireattracts theU.S. citizens’community-dwellingpopulation,age 18 andabove, andwho live inhouseholdmembers(Pierannunzi,Hu & Balluz,2013).Quality Data Source Organizer Nursing AssignmentSex, age,achievement inlearning,ethnicity,familystatus,incomefromhouseholds, workstatus.Whilethis isannualresearch,information isobtainedeverymonth.The sourcerepresents aprimarysource ofdata. Thesurvey is asystembased on thestate mobilehealthsurveyscheme, andtherefore itgatherssecondaryinformation.Governments haveimplementedBRFSS toresolveimmediateand evolvinghealthproblems.For example,the BRFSSwas used totrackinfluenzavaccineshortagesin the 2004-This study source was downloaded by 100000764497498 from on 02-06-2022 03:59:01 GMT -06:00 Data Source Organizer Nursing Assignment5chronicdiseases,accidents,andpreventablecontagiousailments.The surveyconsists ofcriticalquestionsraised in allStates,standardizednon-compulsoryqueries onspecificsubjectsconductedat thediscretion ofthe State, arotatingcollection ofvitalquestionsposed in allStates everyyear andthen, andState-addedqueriesestablishedto meetstate-specificrequirements (2017NationalHealthcareQuality andDisparitiesReport,2018).Questionnai2005 fluseason(CAHPS, 2-16).This study source was downloaded by 100000764497498 from on 02-06-2022 03:59:01 GMT -06:00 Data Source Organizer Nursing Assignment6res includeriskbehaviors(such asintake ofalcohol andtobacco),primarypreventioninterventions,HIV/AIDS,accessibilityandadherenceto treatment,medicalhistory, andoperationlimits.NationalHealthandNutritionExaminationSurvey(NHANES)Thedata collected includesdetails onchronicdiseases(such asasymptomatic ailments)and state ofhealth, foodconsumption and foodconsumption,contagiousdisordersandimmunization records,health andenvironmental exposure,and factorsconcerningthem inSpecimens ofNHANESaddress theU.S.noninstitutionalizedresidentcitizenpopulation ofthe US.NHANESeliminates allindividuals inadministrative monitoredcare ordetention, allarmy activedutypersonnel,foreignactive-dutyrelatives, andany otherindividualsresiding outsiSex, age,ethnicityandHispanicheritage,literacylevel,birthplace,earnings,andprofession.Periodicallyadministered (Asobserved from1960-1994);annuallystartingin 1999,withcompletelifecycleappearing in 2years.Theresource canbecategorizedas asecondarysource ofdata.Quality Data Source Organizer Nursing AssignmentHeavilydepends oninformationretrievedfromresearchsurveys andquestionnaires.Anoutstandingexample isseen inNHANESpopulationstatistics andnutritionaldata utilizedby auniversityresearchdepartmentto examinethe aged’sdietaryconditionand theattributes offood stampconsumers(2017NationalHealthcareQuality andDisparitiesThis study source was downloaded by 100000764497498 Data Source Organizer Nursing Assignment

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