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Presentation of community plan essay paper

Presentation of community plan essay paperPresentation of community plan essay paperInstructions:Students will create a Powerpoint presentation based on their Community Plan, which was submitted in Unit 6 (Refer to assignment 6 instructions).The presentation will consist of:· Introduction· Definition of Community· Windshield Survey· Community Assessment Data Generation· Community Partners and Resources· Develop Community Health Diagnosis· Devise Community Health Plan· Propose Interventions for Community Health Plan· Propose Evaluation Methods for Community Health Plan· Summary· ReferencesORDER A PLAGIARISM-FREE PAPER HEREIntroductionPreviously I have conducted community assessments for Jacksonville, North Carolina, situated in Onslow County. This assignment will conduct ADPIE for the same city to identify challenges and offer solutions based on comprehensive research while considering the previous assignments. ADPIE concept is applied in many fields such as psychology, sociology, nursing, and many government programs to assess hidden patterns and provide insights into challenges affecting a certain group of people. ADPIE provides recommendations and solutions to the challenges affecting a specific community through comprehensive assessments, diagnosis, planning, implementations, and evaluation. Implementing ADPIE in the Jacksonville community will assist the city’s local government and the federal government in assigning the government resources to the government projects that have the dire need to be supported. As noted earlier, Jacksonville city is a military-based city that has concentrated much of its resources on the military base and compromised the government projects to the general public (Van Slyke & Armstrong, 2020).Presentation of community plan essay paperDefinition of the communityJacksonville City is located in Onslow County, North Carolina, in the United States. It is one of the few cities in the United States with many military bases. Although there are various internal security threats, such as the general crime, the city is safe from the external security threats due to the many soldiers in the city. The general crimes such as thereat are more than sixty-five percent based on the recent statistics from the FBI. The city has access to clean waters that draw waters from the Atlantic Ocean (Shuja, Harris, Aldridge, Malespin & De Melo, 2019). Due to access to clean water, the main economic activities for its citizens are fishing, agriculture, and water sporting activities (Burns, 2020). The total value for the median household and owner-occupied households is approximately $200,000. Since it is a military-based city, people have access to sporting facilities to keep their bodies fit. The majority of the people in the city are the whites, but the city has other minority communities, such as the African Americans.Presentation of community plan essay paperWindshield SurveyThe windshield survey embraces diversity by accommodating the various denominations and other minorities. The white population is about 68%; thus, they are the majority; this aspect has increased racial discrimination in public schools, hospitals, and workplaces (Kisacky, 2022). The African American population is the largest among the other minority groups, with a population of 20%. The Asian population is 2.5%, while the Indians are 0.7%. The other smaller groups in the city have a population of 2%. The windshield survey indicates that education is high among its citizens. 90% of youths above 25 years have graduated from high school, while approximately 22% of the same population is a university graduates. The survey also indicates that people from the city have the freedom of worship, as portrayed by many denominations. Three hundred sixty-five thousand are Evangelical Protestants, 76,000 are Mainline Protestants, 1,200 black Protestants, 650 are Baha, 3,500 are Buddhas, 4,500 are Hindus, 6,000 are Jews, 8,500 are Muslims, and 15,000 are followers of the LDS church.Presentation of community plan essay paperCommunity assessmentBased on the community assessments, the healthcare facility is the hardest hit. The minority group in the city faces racial discrimination in many social amenities facilities such as schools, hospitals, and workplaces (Park, Choi, Noh & Hong, 2021). First, the main healthcare policies implemented in the city are Medicare and Medicaid. Medicaid provides free healthcare facilities to the elderly above the age of 65. On the other hand, Medicare ensures that the vulnerable population, such as the disabled and pregnant women, has more accessible access to primary care (Lambert & Swartzendruber, 2020). Based on the assessment, the two policies cannot comprehensively address quality care. For instance, most youths from minority groups are discriminated against in the workplace, where people are promoted based on favoritism rather than on merits. The job recruitment is most preserved for the whites; thus, the youths from the minority are less likely to access capital to subscribe to healthcare insurance policies. Additionally, based on the FBI reports, it is clear that the city faces many internal threats that the military cannot handle. The report indicates the general crimes in the city are at the rate of 65%.Presentation of community plan essay paperCommunity partners and Resources Community HealthRacial discrimination in the healthcare sector prevents the minority group from accessing the right medication at the right time, thus making them more likely to die and acquire more healthcare complications. On the other hand, the elderly in the city are more likely to be diagnosed with chronic illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, and obesity. Since the elderly cannot engage in the economic development of the city and access some income, the federal government can provide financial resources where the elderly can be trained on how to consume a healthy diet and engage in bodily exercise. Since most of the elderly are left alone in their homesteads while their children might be working, the city government must build counseling and guidance facilities to support the emotional stability of the older adults. The primary resources that are required include human and financial resources. The human resources social workers can offer community-based programs to create awareness of where to access medications and the importance of body exercise and a healthy diet.Presentation of community plan essay paperDiagnosesThe diagnoses information must consider information gathered from the assessment of the project. The stage is critical to determine which methods should be considered to eliminate the major weakness in the area and methods to promote the strengths in the community. The technique is also critical since it identifies the potential risks that may compromise the city’s social, economic, and political activities. The population density of Jacksonville City is 949,611, with approximately ten different communities (Stockman, 2018). There is a need for equality in the workplace to allow every citizen to get employed and improve their life; Therefore, the main challenge is racial discrimination that makes many people lack jobs and the required promotions in their workplaces. The other challenge in the city is that many military bases do not take part in promoting the internal security of the area. The other factor that needs immediate address is the healthcare policies. The city should be aggressive and proactive in increasing affordable healthcare insurance policies, particularly for youths without permanent jobs. The city has not taken advantage of the clean water where they can engage in agriculture to increase food security in the city.Presentation of community plan essay paperIntervention activities and the resourcesBased on the statistics, the majority of the youths are educated but unemployed. Due to such frustration majority of the youths engage in various drug abuse activities and excessive alcoholism. The high out-of-pocket charges prevent the youths from accessing medication in time (Shrader-Frechette & Biondo, 2020)Presentation of community plan essay paper. Additionally, since any healthcare policies do not cover the majority, statistics show that youths are more likely to die due to drug abuse complications and abrupt injuries. Therefore, the government should subsidize the cost of subscribing to insurance coverage policies, particularly for the youths. The military is not supposed to deal with the general crimes in society; however, they play a critical role since people fear committing crimes in their presence. The local and federal government should provide financial resources to facilitate and creates more police stations to enhance the internal security in the area. Additionally, the government needs to provide easier access to greenhouse facilities to enable the city people to engage in smart agriculture that does not rely on natural rainfall and seasons. In my projects, I assessed all the city’s social, economic, and political affairs to uncover hidden patterns and new insights into where the city has not been able to achieve many of its objects.Presentation of community plan essay paperInterventionsThe religious, political, social, and economic vital stakeholders need to contribute to the intervention of the social welfare of the Jacksonville City community. The critical interventions that require an immediate address in the Jacksonville community are the measures of chronic illnesses such as obesity, cancer, and diabetes among the elderly. In connection to the chronic diseases, the intervention should also concentrate on the community outreaches events that require education and awareness on how to prevent the chronic illnesses through individual interventions without involving the medical interventions. The other intervention is developing and purchasing the drug detector equipment to ensure the affected youths are rescued. Since the intervention is implemented after the advanced effects of the COVID-19, the key stakeholders should collaborate to provide the resources invested in the most critical areas (Jin & Sanders, 2022). The other intervention is to ensure that the city embraces diversity in all development parts. For instance, there should be policies to ensure no racial discrimination in the workplace and during recruitment.Presentation of community plan essay paperWhat, how, and when it will be implementedIn the case of managing chronic illnesses, the healthcare workers will be required to establish a community-based program that will educate the elderly on how to monitor their chronic illnesses using the emerging technology. For instance, the elderly can monitor their blood pressure using Gormley Original and Roland Spencer software. The education programs should be conducted during a gathering in churches and hospitals during care delivery. Drug abuse programs should be facilitated by the healthcare personnel in the rehabilitation centers. On the other hand, rehabilitation centers should be built using government grants and intervention from other well-wishers groups. The process will start immediately to rescue as many youths as possible. The youths without decent jobs to cater for their medications should subscribe to certain healthcare insurance policies where a portion of the monthly payment should be met by the local and the federal government. The city government should strike a balance between the police administration personnel and the military personnel. Since many military personnel may prevent attacks from the outside, for instance, from terrorism, they cannot be used to maintain order among the citizens in the society.Presentation of community plan essay paperHow will be the people notifiedDue to the advancement of technology, where most people spend a considerable amount of time online, it will be more efficient to use T.V., community campaigns, and the Social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. The education materials providing information about how people in the city will reduce obesity and diabetes should be printed and posted on social media platforms. The printed materials should be in different languages to cater to all the communities in the city. Community campaigns and T.V. advertisements will target the elderly since they are more likely to watch T.V. and engage in community campaigns than the youths. Nurses and doctors should target individuals in churches and during elderly seminars to educate them on the best food to consume and the role of body exercise in promoting a healthy lifestyle. The administrative police will take the responsibility to address the issue of security in the area. The community program should also enlighten society on how to eliminate racial discrimination in the city. The Quality Assurance department should be incorporated during recruitment and job promotion to ensure the hired or promoted personnel have attained the highest positions based on merit.Presentation of community plan essay paperThe proposal implementationsThe first proposal to the healthcare sector concerning reducing and eradicating chronic illnesses is that the healthcare professional should take an active role. By implementing electronic health records (EHR), the nurses should have a database to monitor the readmission rate for the elderly with chronic illnesses (Prunuske & Remington, 2017). The family nurse professional should ensure a regular follow-up of the elderly since it is challenging for some of them to visit the healthcare facilities for check-ups and medication. The other proposal is that the city government should provide free ambulances to transport the elderly to healthcare facilities in case of complications resulting from cancers, diabetes, and the advanced effects of obesity. Since some of the most equipped hospitals are military-based, they need to cater to the welfare of the military, and their families should also be used during critical conditions. For instance, Hospital Camp Lejeune and Outlying clinics should be made available to the public where the other public hospitals are full.Presentation of community plan essay paperBased on Jacksonville city’s security, the local and federal governments should build more police stations than the military base. There is enough military base and no external threats likely to attack the city. However, the internal security is compromised, as seen from the FBI’s security, where the rate of crime in the city is city is 65%. Therefore, the number of police officers should be increased in the city to enhance internal and external crimes that may jeopardize the city’s political, economic, and social stability; the minority, such as the African Americans, are associated with the general crimes on many streets in the city.Presentation of community plan essay paperMany crimes are associated with the general crime because some of the youth are discriminated in terms in terms of employment, thus unable to secure decent jobs to cater to their needs. The other proposal is to engage the quality assurance teams during recruitments and promotions to ensure that the people hired or promoted are the most qualified, professional and given new roles based on merits. Quality assurance should be trained on the performance appraisal and detect manipulations to favor individuals from the majority community.Presentation of community plan essay paperI propose the government subsidize most of the agriculture inputs, such as fertilizers and seeds, to enable the community to take advantage of the clean waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The government can train the unemployed graduates to venture into greenhouse agriculture to reduce the rate of employment and increase food security in the area. The proposal will reduce the rate of drug abuse in the area since most of the youths will be engaged in the city’s economic development. By changing the attitude of the entire city, the educators should take an active role to discourage racial discrimination and encourage diversity where any person in the world will admire to invest in the city. Additionally, the healthcare workers should provide books indicating where people should access quality care based on the type of disease they are suffering from. Education-based programs to enlighten people on healthcare, agriculture, and security should be held semi-annually by government agencies.Presentation of community plan essay paperEvaluation to measure whether the stated goals have been metEvaluation of the project will assess whether the goals’ objectives have been met and ensure the interventions, practices, and systems provide accurate information about the project. For instance, if there is a misappropriation of funds, the key stakeholders such as the CID department should be able to use the evaluation methods to ascertain the appropriated funds and the culprits.Presentation of community plan essay paperHow will the interventions be evaluated?The healthcare interventions to reduce chronic illness among the elderly should be evaluated by implementing the EHR system in all hospitals across the city to determine the rate of readmission for chronic illnesses. In case of the rate increases, it would mean that the process of meeting the objective was neither realistic nor effective. The healthcare professionals should provide monthly data to indicate the number of patients who have maintained their ideal weight by exercising their bodies and eating healthy food. The level of security in the city should be determined by the FBI department’s statistics (Farooq, Khaliq, Toor, Amjad, Khalid & Butt, 2020). The security measures should also be evaluated by determining the number of operational police stations constructed in the city. Currently, the rate of general crimes in the city is 65%, and therefore if the rate reduces, the proposal will be enhanced to reduce the rate even much more (Giang & Devasahayam, 2018). The performance appraisal will be the evaluation tool to determine whether the hiring and promotional process were done based on merit or favoritism. The evaluation tool for the agriculture progress will depend on the number of greenhouses constructed and the number of youths engaged in the agriculture sector.Presentation of community plan essay paperDetermine what you might change to accomplish the goals betterThere are various changes I might change to accomplish the goals better. First, I will change all the individuals with cases of fund misappropriation after the evaluation. I will only consider individuals who have accomplished their personal and the project’s goals. The other thing that I might change to achieve is to incorporate the management software to better manage the human resource during the implementation of the project. I will change the evaluation teams from healthcare professionals to computer experts in the healthcare sector. When the healthcare professionals are assigned the role to evaluate the healthcare performance, they might bias thus giving the statistics that secure their career.Presentation of community plan essay paperConclusionThe role of ADPIE is critical in Jacksonville city since it considers the assessments data to provide solutions to the changes and provides the framework to enhance the strengths. Based on the ADPIE, the city needs to develop strict policies to reduce racial discrimination, promote internal security, promote agriculture, and reduce drug abuse among the youths. Suppose the city can reduce racial bias and reduce internal security the same. In that case, it has to enhance the external security by deploying external investors from across the United States and other countries that will invest in the city, thus giving the city more resources.Presentation of community plan essay paper ReferencesBurns, T. L. (2020). How the Coronavirus Pandemic Changed the Face of Health Care in Jacksonville, FL. AAACN Viewpoint, 42(4), 1-13.Farooq, A., Khaliq, M. A., Toor, M. A., Amjad, A., Khalid, W., & Butt, F. (2020). Assessment of Patient Satisfaction in a Military and Public Hospital: A Comparative Study. Cureus, 12(8).Giang, L. T., & Devasahayam, T. W. (2018). Policy options for protecting the health rights of older people. Health Rights of Older People, 148-156. doi:10.4324/9781315147260-7 Jin, A. S., & Sanders, K. T. (2022). Analyzing changes to U.S. municipal heat response plans during the COVID-19 pandemic. Environmental Science & Policy, 128, 347-358.Kisacky, J. (2022). Consequences of Migrating U.S. Contagious Facilities Into General Hospitals, 1900–1950. HERD: Health Environments Research & Design Journal, 15(1), 75-96.Lambert, D. N., & Swartzendruber, A. (2020). 271. Examining Innovative Digital Methods for Health Promotion: The Feasibility and Cost-Effectiveness of Reaching Sexually Active Adolescent Substance Users in the South Through Online Social Networking Platforms. Journal of Adolescent Health, 66(2), S137.Park, H., Choi, S., Noh, K., & Hong, J. Y. (2021). Racial Discrimination as a Cumulative Risk Factor Affecting Parental Stress on the Psychological Distress of Korean Americans (Both US-and Foreign-Born) amid COVID-19: Structural Equation Modeling. Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities, 1-10.Prunuske, J., & Remington, P. L. (2017). A community health assessment curriculum to develop population health competencies. PRiMER, 1., K., & Biondo, A. M. (2020). Protecting children from toxic waste: data-usability evaluation can deter flawed Cleanup. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 17(2), 424.Shuja, A., Harris, C., Aldridge, P., Malespin, M., & De Melo, S. W. (2019). Predictors of no-show rate in the G.I. endoscopy suite at a safety net academic medical centre. Journal of clinical gastroenterology, 53(1), 29-33.Stockman, D. (2018). Prelims – Community assessment. Community Assessment, i-4. Slyke, R. D., & Armstrong, N. J. (2020). Communities serve: a systematic review of need assessments on U.S. veteran and Military-Connected populations. Armed Forces & Society, 46(4), 564-594.AppendixPresentation of community plan essay paper

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