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Peplau and Bowlby Theories Assignment

Peplau and Bowlby Theories AssignmentPeplau and Bowlby Theories AssignmentQuestion 1. In what ways might Peplau’s theory of interpersonal relations need to be revised to be the most useful to nurses in the health care environment in which contact time between nurse and client is limited?Peplau’s Theory holds that the core function of nurses is to aid others who are in difficulty and need their help. In fact, it explains that nurses are therapeutic agents. In this case, it emphasizes the importance of the contact between nurses and their clients since this allows the nurses to have closer interactions with patients. For that matter, it views maintaining good interpersonal relationships as a core responsibility of nurses. Longer interaction times allows the relationship between the nurse and client to become mature at a faster rate so that they arrive at an acceptable goal speedily. The implication is that should the contact time between the patient and the client be limited, then the relationship will mature at a much slower paceand an acceptable solution will only be developed at a later time (Barker, 1998).ORDER A PLAGIARISM-FREE PAPER HERETo address the concern of limited contact time between the nurse and client that results in slower rate of relationship maturity, there is a need to revise Peplau’s Theory so that it allows for adoption of information technology solutions, particularly self-guiding applicationsthat direct the clients through routine processes such as acting as a resource that offers specific required information on a situation or emerging problem. Self-guiding applications entail simple operations without the need for complex user guides. This would allow the theory to be abreast with the social transformations that have characterized the 21st century to include information technology advances and Internet developments (Peplau, 1997)Peplau and Bowlby Theories Assignment. Social transformations refer to social changes that have been experienced to include the internet and social media. These information technology solutions (such as smartphone applications and online resource centers) can substitute for the nurses in routine activities and only require nurses to intervene in areas where automated application cannot substitute for them. It is important to note that the revision does not eliminate the need for nurses. Rather, it assigns them a supervisory role where they only intervene when in-depth clarification is necessary (Peplau, 1997). For instance, when the nurse acts as a contact point and is required to assess the patient’s suitability for the technology or when building the interpersonal aspect of the relationship. In this respect, Peplau’s Theory should be revised to adopt information technology solutions and self-guiding applications to address the issues brought about by limited contact time between the nurses and clients.Peplau and Bowlby Theories AssignmentQuestion 2. One of the patterns of attachment is referred to as “earned secure” This pattern, characterized by coherence and balance, is achieved by adults who experienced unloving or harsh parenting. What individual characteristics or life experiences might contribute to achievement of this pattern?Peplau and Bowlby Theories AssignmentThe term ‘earned secure’ refers to a specific pattern of attachment that describes persons who had initially been evaluated to be insecure but later in time would change their assessment to secure.The change between secure and insecure describes the level of trust assigned to relationships. For instance, a trusting relationship is considered secure. The change from insecure during childhood to securing in adulthood is typically seen in adults whose childhood was particularly difficult and caused an expected assessment of insecure and yet their state of mind turns out to be secure in adulthood. In essence, it can be interpreted that the adult being assessed has an interchangeable attachment status since he or she does not have a specific way of regulating attachment distress and can regulate it over time. There are specific individual characteristics and life experiences that might contribute to the achievement of ‘earned secure’ pattern of attachment (Peterson & Bredow, 2017)Peplau and Bowlby Theories Assignment. The most common contributor is relationships that allow children to change from insecure when younger to secure as they turn into adults.In this case, the child understands the difficulties associated with insecurity and tries to address these difficulties by striving for security in adulthood. For that matter, if the child had uncooperative and insensitive parents and complained about the detriments of such a relationship, then he or she would try to be cooperative and sensitive as an adult so that a secure relationship is created. It can be understood that security and insecurity are resultant of relationships so that ‘earned secure’ ensues when the individual gains greater control over the relationship and can pursue desired outcomes. Additionally, it would explain an acknowledgment of attachment needs. For instance, being avoidant and failing to acknowledge attachment needs results in insecurity with ‘earned secure’ resulting when an attachment is acknowledged. This is typically seen when clingy children deal with unpredictable and preoccupied parents who are caught up in their attachment experiences. The children envision the security that they desire and apply it as they grow older resulting in ‘earned secure’ (Peterson & Bredow, 2017). As a result, experiencing insecure childhoods with disorganized, insensitive, uncooperative, dismissive and preoccupied parents can result in secure adulthoods when the child seeks to reverse the bad childhood-relationship experiences.Peplau and Bowlby Theories Assignment  ReferencesBarker, P. (1998). The future of the Theory of Interpersonal Relations? A personal reflection on Peplau’s legacy. Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing, 5, 173-180.Peplau, H. E. (1997). Peplau’s Theory of Interpersonal Relations. Nursing Science Quarterly, 10(4), 162-167.Peterson, S. J. & Bredow, T. S. (2017). Middle Range Theories: Application to nursing research (4th ed.). Philadelphia, PA: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.Peplau and Bowlby Theories AssignmentDiscussions Grading Rubric:Criteria<69Unacceptable70-80Developing80-90Competent90-100Exemplary1. OriginalresponseOriginalresponse is atleast 100 wordsin lengthOriginal response is atleast 150 words in lengthOriginal response is atleast 200 words in lengthOriginal response does notexceed 350 words inlength2. CriticalthinkingDoes notdemonstratecritical thinking,only repeatsconcepts stated.Posting demonstratessome critical thinking butdoes not connect thesubject matter of thediscussion with theassigned reading –including examplesoutside of what ismentioned in the text.Posting demonstratessome critical thinkingwhere student connectsthe subject matter of thediscussion with theassigned reading anddemonstrates someunderstanding ofconcepts presented inthe post questionincluding examplesoutside of what ismentioned in the text.Posting demonstratescritical thinking wherestudent connects thesubject matter of thediscussion with theassigned reading andclearly demonstratesunderstanding of conceptspresented in the postquestion includingexamples outside of whatis mentioned in the text.Peplau and Bowlby Theories Assignment3.EngagementNot engagedthrough theweek, postedlate on theweekend, whichdid not activelyengage others indiscussions.Engaged in the discussionforums with at least two(2) postings to otherlearners per post forumin a manner thatdemonstratessubstantiveevaluation. Did notinclude a minimum of100 word response thataddresses the learner’spost, shares anexperience or providesan example relevant tothe assigned subjectmatter in the post, ORask a follow–up questionto move the postforward.Peplau and Bowlby Theories AssignmentActively engaged in thediscussion forums with atleast two (2) postings toother learners per postforum in a manner thatdemonstratessubstantiveevaluation. Did notinclude a minimum of100 word response thataddresses the learner’spost, shares anexperience or providesan example relevant tothe assigned subjectmatter in the post, ANDasks a follow–up questionto move the postforward.Actively engaged in thediscussion forums with atleast two (2) postings toother learners per postforum in a manner thatdemonstrates substantiveevaluation. This includesa minimum of 100 wordresponse that addressesthe learner’s post, sharesan experience or providesan example relevant to theassigned subject matter inthe post, AND asks afollow–up question tomove the post forward.Peplau and Bowlby Theories Assignment4. APA Does notattemptassignment,multiple errors,no citationsPosting is polished someerrors in mechanics,spelling, usage andsentence structure aswell as APA format ofcitations and referencelistPosting is polishedminor errors inmechanics, spelling,usage and sentencestructure as well as APAformat of citations andreference listPosting is polishedgenerally free of errors inmechanics, spelling, usageand sentence structure aswell as APA format ofcitations and reference list5. CitationsandreferencesNo citation orreferencesused.Citations and appropriatereferences no relevant tosupport the postings. Noother credible used tosupport the post. A clearconnection of thecitation to support thepost must be evident.Peplau and Bowlby Theories AssignmentCitations and appropriatereferences are includedfrom the assignedreading to support themain post OR Othercredible sources inADDITON TO THE TEXTmay be used to supportthe post. A clearconnection of thecitation to support thepost NOT evident.Citations and appropriatereferences are includedfrom the assigned readingto support the main post.Other credible sources inADDITON TO THE TEXTmay be used to supportthe post. A clearconnection of the citationto support the post mustbe evident. Peplau and Bowlby Theories Assignment

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