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NR507 Week 6 Quiz Assignment Paper

NR507 Week 6 Quiz Assignment PaperNR507 Week 6 Quiz Assignment PaperQuestionQuestion 12 / 2 ptsClinical manifestations of fibromyalgia includehot, tender, and edematous muscle groups bilaterally.exercise intolerance and painful muscle cramps.fasciculations of the upper and lower extremity muscles.burning or gnawing pain at tender points and profound fatigue.Question 20 / 2 ptsWhat is the diagnosis of a person who has tennis elbow characterized by tissue degeneration or irritation of the extensor carpi brevis tendon?BursitisLateral epicondylitisLateral tendinitisMedial tendinitisQuestion 32 / 2 pts_____ is the temporary displacement of two bones in which the bone surfaces partially lose contact.NR507 Week 6 Quiz Assignment PaperNonunionDislocationSubluxationMalunionQuestion 42 / 2 ptsIn ankylosing spondylitis, the CD8+ T cells are presented with which of the following antigens?TendonsSynoviumCartilageLigamentsQuestion 52 / 2 ptsWhat causes the crystallization within the synovial fluid of the joint affected by gouty arthritis?Overproduction of uric acidIncrease in the glycosaminoglycan levelsReduced excretion of purinesOverproduction of proteoglycansQuestion 62 / 2 pts_____ is a chronic inflammatory joint disease characterized by stiffening and fusion of the spine and sacroiliac joints.ORDER A PLAGIARISM-FREE PAPER HEREPaget diseaseFibromyalgiaAnkylosing spondylitisRheumatoid arthritisQuestion 72 / 2 ptsRhabdomyolysis is characterized bylysis of skeletal muscle cells through the initiation of the complement cascade.NR507 Week 6 Quiz Assignment Papersmooth muscle degeneration resulting from ischemia.paralysis of skeletal muscles resulting from impaired nerve supply.release of myoglobin from damaged striated muscle cells.Question 80 / 2 ptsAn insufficient dietary intake of vitamin _____ can lead to rickets in children.DB12B6CQuestion 92 / 2 ptsWhich protein, absent in muscle cells of Duchenne muscular dystrophy, mediates the anchoring of skeletal muscles fibers to the basement membrane?SyntrophinDystrophinLamininTroponinQuestion 102 / 2 ptsEwing sarcoma arises fromembryonal osteocytes.metadiaphysis of long bones.bone-producing mesenchymal cells.NR507 Week 6 Quiz Assignment Paperbone marrow.Question 112 / 2 ptsOsteochondrosis is caused by a(n)bacterial infection of the bone.nutritional deficiency of calcium and phosphorus.imbalance between calcitonin and parathyroid hormone.vascular impairment and trauma to bone.Question 122 / 2 ptsMolecular analysis has demonstrated that osteosarcoma is associated withTP53.myc.TSC2.src.Question 132 / 2 ptsThe pain experienced in Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease is referred to as involvingelbows and upper and lower arms and is described as a continuous ache and relieved by anti-inflammatory drugs.knees, inner thighs, and groin and is described as a continuous ache and relieved by anti-inflammatory drugs.knees, inner thighs, and groin that is aggravated by activity and relieved by rest.elbows and upper and lower arms that is aggravated by activity and relieved by rest.Question 142 / 2 ptsFacioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy is likely inherited from one’sfather.mother.affected parent.maternal lineage.NR507 Week 6 Quiz Assignment PaperQuestion 152 / 2 ptsThe total mass of muscle in the body can be estimated from which serum laboratory test value?CreatineBlood urea nitrogenAlbuminCreatinineQuestion 162 / 2 ptsCutaneous vasculitis develops from the deposit of _____ in small blood vessels as a toxic response allergen.T lymphocytesimmune complexescomplementIgEQuestion 172 / 2 ptsWhich cells of the dermis secrete connective tissue matrix?FibroblastsMacrophagesHistiocytesMast cellsQuestion 182 / 2 ptsWhich malignancy is characterized by slow-growing lesions that usually have depressed centers and rolled borders and are frequently located on the face and neck?Squamous cell carcinomaKaposi sarcomaMalignant melanomaBasal cell carcinomaQuestion 192 / 2 ptsKeloids are sharply elevated, irregularly shaped, progressively enlarging scars caused by excessive amounts of _____ in the corneum during connective tissue repair.NR507 Week 6 Quiz Assignment Paperreticular fiberscollagenelastinstromaQuestion 202 / 2 pts_____ of the epidermis initiate immune responses and provide defense against environmental antigens.MelanocytesKeratinocytesMerkel cellsLangerhans cellsQuestion 212 / 2 ptsThrush is a superficial infection that commonly occurs in children and is caused byCandida albicans.Streptococcus.Staphylococcus.herpesvirus.Question 222 / 2 ptsWhich vascular anomaly is a congenital malformation of dermal capillaries that does not fade with age?Cavernous hemangiomaPort-wine (nevus flammeus) stainStrawberry hemangiomaCutaneous hemangiomaQuestion 230 / 2 ptsWhich of the following viral diseases has an incubation period of 14 to 21 days and a duration of 1 to 4 days?VaricellaRubeolaRoseolaRubellaQuestion 242 / 2 ptsWhich clinical manifestation is considered the hallmark of atopic dermatitis?NR507 Week 6 Quiz Assignment PaperHigh feverItchingPapular rashVesicles that burst and form crustsQuestion 252 / 2 ptsWhich contagious disease creates a primary skin lesion that is a pinpointed macule, papule, or wheal with hemorrhagic puncture site?RubeolaScabiesPediculosisTinea capitisNR507 Week 6 Quiz Assignment Paper

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