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MGT305 UNT Does This Milkshake Taste Funny Summary

i have attach three file. ethics overview, case and question related. go through the file and write the short response according to the question by reading the case overview document.

Ethics Assignment
The purpose of this exercise is to explore ethics and decision making within organizations.
Case Overview
George Stein, a college student working for Eastern Dairy, is suddenly faced with an ethical
dilemma. George has very little time to think about his choices – less than a minute. On the one
hand, he can do what Paul tells him to do, and his shift can go home on time. However, he finds
it tough to shake the gross mental image of all those innocent kids drinking milkshakes
contaminated with pulverized maggots. If he chooses instead to go against Paul, what would the
guys say? He can almost hear their derisive comments already….
Assignment Guidelines
1) Provide an overview of the case (1 paragraph). Name this section ‘Identification of Dilemma’and
address the following:
a. What do we know about George? Paul?
b. What is the overall ethical dilemma?
c. Who can be impacted by the dilemma (people and/or groups)?
2) Provide a brief overview of 2 Frameworks (Approaches) to Managerial Ethics (2 paragraphs
). Name this section ‘Ethical Frameworks’. Name each sub-section after the ethical
frameworks you choose.
a. Choose from: Utilitarian, Self-Interest (Ego), Rights, Justice,
Religious/Deontological, or Social/Cultural.
b. The textbook, and presentations provide brief explanations for the approaches above. Expand
on these with external sources.
c. This section of your paper should not reference the milkshake case. Instead
focus on what you’ve learned regarding each ethical approach.
3) Provide outcomes to this ethical dilemma (1 paragraph). Name this section ‘Evaluation of
Ethical Dilemma’. Address the following in this section
a. Based on what you’ve learned about George from the case, which framework
(from the two you’ve explained in the previous section) do you believe will guide
George in this situation? Why do you believe he will go this direction?
b. There’s no right/wrong answer choice, so I won’t grade this on your ability to
choose a particular ethical framework. Instead, I’m more concerned with your
ability to describe why you chose the approach. The explanation will help me assess whether or
not you understand the concepts.
Organizational &
Managerial Ethics
©  2013   by  Flat  World  Knowledge,   Inc.  All  rights  reserved.  Your   use  of  this  work  is  subject  
to  the  License  Agreement   available  here   No  
part  of  this  work  may  be  used,  modified,   or  reproduced   in  any  form  or  by  any  means  
except  as  expressly  permitted   under   the  License  Agreement.  
Parnell,  Strategic  Management:  Theory  and  
Practice.  SAGE  Publications,  Inc.  ©  2013
©  2013   Flat  World  Knowledge,  Inc.
Links within this
• This   Lesson:­‐Z sg2S8?t=12s
• Milgram  Experiment  (set   to   start   38   seconds  
in;  end   at   9  minutes)

• Asch   Experiment:

Parnell,  Strategic  Management:  Theory  and  
Practice.  SAGE  Publications,  Inc.  ©  2013
Organizational &
Managerial Ethics

Organizational   Ethics
Managerial  Ethics
What  Ethics   is   not
Perspectives   (Views)  on  Ethics
Parnell,  Strategic  Management:  Theory  and  
Practice.  SAGE  Publications,  Inc.  ©  2013
Organizational Ethics
All refer to
“a process of
promoting moral
principles and
standards that
guide business
Ø Workplace Ethics
Ø Business Ethics
Ø Organizational Ethics
Managerial Ethics
• Refers  to  
responsibility  to   make  
business  decisions  
that  are  legal,  honest,  
moral,  and   fair.”
Parnell,  Strategic  Management:  Theory  and  
Practice.  SAGE  Publications,  Inc.  ©  2013
Managerial/Organizational Ethics
• Agreeing   on  what  is  
“legal”  and  “honest”  
may  not   be   difficult.
• Agreeing   on  what  is  
“moral”  and   “fair”  can  
be  a   difficult  task!
Ethics is not the same as…
Our  Feelings
Our  Religion
The  Law
Parnell,  Strategic  Management:  Theory  and  
Practice.  SAGE  Publications,  Inc.  ©  2013
What Ethics is not
• Ethics  is  not  the  same   as  feelings.  
– Feelings  provide  important  information  for  our  ethical  choices.  
– Some  people  have  highly  developed  habits  that  make  them  feel  bad  
when  they  do  something,  but  many  people  feel  good  even  though  
they  are  doing  the  same  thing.  
– And  often  our  feelings  will  tell  us  it  is  uncomfortable  to  do  the  right  
thing  if  it  is  hard.
• Ethics  is  not  religion.  
– Many  people  are  not  religious,  but  ethics  applies  to  everyone.  
Parnell,  Strategic  Management:  Theory  and  
Practice.  SAGE  Publications,  Inc.  ©  2013
What Ethics is not
• Ethics  is  not  following   the  law.  
– A  good  system  of  law  does  incorporate  
many  ethical  standards,  but  law  can  
deviate  from  what  is  ethical.
– Law  may  have  a  difficult  time  designing  
or  enforcing  standards  in  some  important  
areas,   and  may  be  slow  to  address  new  
Parnell,  Strategic  Management:  Theory  and  
Practice.  SAGE  Publications,  Inc.  ©  2013
What Ethics is not
Ethics  is  not  following   culturally  accepted  norms.  
“But  Dad,  all  my  friends  are  going….”
“But,  Prof.  Williams,  
as  we  become  
adults,  we  no  longer  
act  this  way.  We’re  
not  as  easily  
influenced  by  
Photo Source:
This is an illustration of the
setup of a Milgram experiment.
The experimenter (E) convinces
the subject (“Teacher” T) to
give what are believed to be
painful electric shocks to
another subject, who is actually
an actor (“Learner” L). Many
subjects continued to give
shocks despite pleas of mercy
from the actors.
Watch  Youtube Video  (link  provided  by  Dr.  Williams)
Focal  Line
“But,  Prof.  Williams,  
these  two  examples  
aren’t  business-­
related.    This  
wouldn’t  happen  in  
an  organization….”
This is a sample item from the Asch study. Participants were asked
one by one to say which of the lines on the right matched the line
on the focal line on the left. While A is an exact match, many
participants conformed when others unanimously chose B or C.
Watch  Youtube Video  (link  provided  by  Dr.  Williams)
What Ethics is not
Ethics  is  not  science.  
– Social  and  natural  science  can  provide  
important  data  to  help  us  make  better  ethical  
choices.  But  science  alone  does  not  tell  us  
what  we  ought  to  do.
– Science  may  provide  an  explanation  for  what  
humans  are  like.  But  ethics  provides  reasons  
for  how  humans  ought  to  act.  
– And  just  because  something  is  scientifically  or  
technologically  possible,  it  may  not  be  ethical  
to  do  it.
Basic   Perspectives   (Views)
on  Managerial  Ethics
Parnell,  Strategic  Management:  Theory  and  
Practice.  SAGE  Publications,  Inc.  ©  2013
Perspectives (Views) on
Managerial (Organizational) Ethics
• The  Utilitarian   view:
– Anticipated  outcomes  and  consequences  should  be  
the  only  considerations  when   evaluating  an   ethical  
– Consequences  are  important;   tries   both  to  increase  
the  good  done  and  to  reduce  the  harm   done.  
– The  ethical  corporate   action,  then,   is  the  one  that  
produces  the  greatest  good  and  does  the  least  harm  
for   all  who   are  affected   -­‐ customers,   employees,  
shareholders,  the  community,  and  the   environment
Parnell,  Strategic  Management:  Theory  and  
Practice.  SAGE  Publications,  Inc.  ©  2013
Perspectives (Views) on
Managerial (Organizational) Ethics
• The  Self-­‐Interest view:
When  in  doubt,  do  what’s  
best  for  yourself
– Benefits  of   the  decision-­‐maker(s)   should  be  the  
primary   considerations.
– The  ethical  corporate   action,  then,   is  the  one  that  
produces  the  greatest  good  for   me
• The  Rights view:
We the People….
– Humans  have  a  dignity  based  on  their   ability  to  choose  
freely  what   they  do  with   their  lives
– The  ethical  corporate   action,  then,   is  the  one  that  
protects  basic  individual  rights.
• Beginning  Fall  2016,  students  can  carry  concealed  handguns  into  
classrooms,  dormitories  and  other  buildings:­carry-­rules/
• Supporters say  it  will  make  college  campuses  safer  by  allowing  licensed  gun  owners  
to  defend  themselves  &  others  should  a  mass  shooting  occur
• Opponents say  the  notion  that  armed  students  would  make  a  campus  safer  is  an  
illusion  that  will  have  a  chilling  effect  on  campus  life
Parnell,  Strategic  Management:  Theory  and  
Practice.  SAGE  Publications,  Inc.  ©  2013
Perspectives (Views) on
Managerial (Organizational) Ethics
• The  Justice view:
– All  decisions  will  be  made   in  
accordance  with   pre-­‐
established  rules  or  guidelines.
– The  ethical  corporate   action,  
then,   is  the  one  that  
follows   the  rules/laws.
Parnell,  Strategic  Management:  Theory  and  
Practice.  SAGE  Publications,  Inc.  ©  2013
Perspectives (Views) on
Managerial (Organizational) Ethics
The  Integrative  Social  Contracts (Common   Good)  view:
– Decisions  should  be  based  on  existing  norms  of  behavior,  
including  cultural,  community,  or  industry  factors.
– The  ethical  corporate  action,  then,  is  the  one  that  
follows  accepted  practices.
The  Deontological  view:  
– Decisions  should  be  based  on  personal  or  religious  convictions.
– The  ethical  corporate  action,  then,  is  the  one  that  
aligns  with  your  belief  system.


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