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Individual Success Plan Sample Paper

Individual Success Plan Sample Paper Individual Success Plan Sample PaperNRS-490 Individual Success Plan AssignmentDetails:Planning is the key to successful completion of this course and your overall program of study. The Individual Success Plan (ISP) assignment requires early collaboration with the course faculty and your course mentor. You will need to establish a plan for successful completion of (1) deliverables associated with weekly course objectives, (2), required practice immersion hours, and (3) deliverables associated with your capstone project.Access the ”Individual Success Plan” resource in the Topic Materials. Read the information in the resource, including student expectations and instructions for completing the ISP document.Use the ”Individual Success Plan” to develop a personal plan for completing your practice hours and how topic objectives will be met. Include the number of hours you plan to set aside to meet your goals.A combination of 100 supervised clinical hours in community health and leadership areas will be obtained through the application of the objectives listed in the Guidelines for Undergraduate Field Experiences manual.Practicum immersion experiences are required in a community health setting. Community-based settings should encourage community integration and involvement; expand accessibility of services and supports; promote personal preference, strengths, dignity; and empower people to participate in the economic mainstream.Individual Success Plan Sample PaperORDER A PLAGIARISM-FREE PAPER HEREAccording to, educational and community-based programs and strategies are designed to reach people outside of traditional health care settings. These settings may include schools, worksites, health care facilities, and communities. Community health and leadership practice immersion can occur in the same site and in conjunction with the evidence-based project in the NRS-490 course.If you are a registered nurse in Washington, your practicum experience must include a minimum of 50 hours in a community health setting.Individual Success Plan Sample PaperStudents should apply concepts from prior courses to critically examine and improve their current practice. Students should also integrate scholarly readings to develop case reports that demonstrate increasingly complex and proficient practice.Consider the challenges you expect to encounter as you continue the practice hour and competency requirements throughout this course. How might you overcome these challenges?You can renegotiate these deliverables with your faculty and mentor throughout this course and update your ISP accordingly.Once your ISP has been developed and accepted by your course faculty, you will have your course mentor sign it at the beginning of, and upon completion of, each assignment that incorporates practice immersion hours. You will track all course practice immersion hours in the ISP.APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.You are not required to submit this assignment to Turnitin.NRS-490-RS-IndividualSuccessPlan.docxIndividual Success Plan Sample PaperNRS-490 Individual Success PlanREQUIRED PRACTICE HOURS: 100PRACTICEIMMERSION Complete Contact InformationStudent Information GCUName:E-mail:Phone Number: Individual Success Plan Sample PaperCourse Faculty Information GCUName:E-mail:Phone Number:Practicum Mentor Information Practice SettingName:E-mail:Phone Number:MOU signed & uploaded to Instructor in LoudCloud via Individual Forum Yes ► ☐No ► ☐If no, is an existing Affiliation Agreement on file? _____ISP InstructionsUse this form to develop your Individual Success Plan (ISP) for NRS-490, the Professional Capstone and Practicum course. An individual success plan maps out what you, the RN-to-BSN student, needs to accomplish in order to be successful as you work through this course and complete your overall program of study. You will also share this with your mentor at the beginning and end of this course so that he or she will know what you need to accomplish.Application-based learning assignments are listed in the course syllabus with a Practice Portfolio Statement requirement element noted within the assignment itself. In order for you to successfully complete and graduate from the RN-to-BSN Program you must meet the following programmatic requirements: (1) completion of 100 practice immersion hours, and (2) completion of work associated with all program competencies. Individual Success Plan Sample PaperIn this ISP, you will identify all of the objectives, tasks, and/or assignments relating to the 100 practice immersion hours you need to complete by the end of this course. Specify the dates by which you will complete each tasks and/or assignments. Your plan should include a self-assessment of how you met all applicable GCU RN-to-BSN Domains & Competencies (see Appendix A).ALL course assignments listing a ”Practice Hours Portfolio” statement must be included in the ISP and are worth and recorded here as approximately 10 hours each. Actual clock hours must be recorded on this time log.General RequirementsUse the following information to ensure successful completion of each assignment as it pertains to deliverables due in this course:Individual Success Plan Sample Paper• Use the Individual Success Plan to develop a personal plan for completing your practice immersion hours and self-assess how you will meet the GCU RN-to-BSN University Mission Critical Competencies and the Programmatic Domains & Competencies (Appendix A) related to that course.Show all of the major deliverables in the course, the topic/course objectives that apply to each deliverable, and lastly, align each deliverable to the applicable University Mission Critical Competencies and the course-specific Domains and Competencies (Appendix A).Completing your ISP does not earn practice hours, nor does telephone conference time, or time spent with your mentor.• Within the Individual Success Plan, ensure you identify all course assignments which may include the following: Memorandums of Understanding (MOU)(if Affiliation Agreement is not required); comprehensive log of practice immersion hours applied to baccalaureate level learning outcomes; evaluations from faculty and mentors; your evaluations of your mentor; scholarly activity report; competency self-assessment (part of your ISP); reflective journal (Submitted in Week 10 but covering all weeks in the course); course goals and plan for how competencies and practice immersion hours will be met; and both faculty and mentor approvals of course goals and documented practice immersion hours.Application-based Learning Course Assignments List of Current Course Objectives Number of Clock Hours Associated with Each AssignmentAssignmentDate Due Self-Assessment:GCU RN-to-BSNUniversity Mission Critical Competencies andProgrammatic Domains & Competencies(see Appendix A) DateAssignmentCompletedBy typing in his/her signature below, the student agrees to have read, understood, and be accountable for the instructions, assignments, and hours shown above and that all questions have been satisfactorily answered by the faculty and/or program director.Mentors will sign upon initial receipt and at the end of the course to confirm that assignments have been complete with your guidance.Individual Success Plan Sample PaperStudent SignatureName:Date:Mentor Signature [Upon Initiation of Course]Name:Date:Mentor Signature [Upon Completion of Course]Name:Date:APPENDIX A:GCU RN-to-BSN Domains & CompetenciesA. University’s Mission Critical CompetenciesHow does this Individual Success Plan support the GCU Mission?MC1: Effective Communication: Therapeutic communication is central to baccalaureate nursing practice. Students gain an understanding of their ethical responsibility and how verbal and written communication affects others intellectually and emotionally. Students begin to use nursing terminology and taxonomies within the practice of professional and therapeutic communication. Courses require students to write scholarly papers, prepare presentations, develop persuasive arguments, and engage in discussion that is clear, assertive, and respectful.MC2: Critical Thinking: Courses require students to use critical thinking skills by analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating scientific evidence needed to improve patient outcomes and professional practice.MC3: Christian Worldview: Students will apply a Christian worldview within a global society and examine ethical issues from the framework of a clearly articulated system of professional values. Students will engage in discussion of values-based decisions made from a Christian perspective. Individual Success Plan Sample PaperMC4: Global Awareness, Perspectives, and Ethics: The concept of global citizenship is introduced to baccalaureate students in the foundational curriculum. Some courses will focus on the human experience across the world health continuum. The World Health Organization (WHO) definitions of health, health disparities, and determinants of health are foundational to nursing practice.MC5: Leadership: Students will apply a Christian worldview within a global society and examine ethical issues from the framework of a clearly articulated system of professional values. Students will engage in discussion of values-based decisions made from a Christian perspective.B. Domains and CompetenciesHow does this Individual Success Plan support the Program Domains and Competencies?Domain 1: Professional RoleGraduates of Grand Canyon University’s RN-BSN program will be able to incorporate professional values to advance the nursing profession through leadership skills, political involvement, and life-long learning.Competencies:Individual Success Plan Sample Paper1.1: Exemplify professionalism in diverse health care settings.1.2: Manage patient care within the changing environment of the health care system.1.3: Exercise professional nursing leadership and management roles in the promotion of patient safety and quality care.1.4: Participate in health care policy development to influence nursing practice and health care.1.5: Advocate for autonomy and social justice for individuals and diverse populations.Domain 2: Theoretical Foundations of Nursing PracticeGraduates of Grand Canyon University’s RN-BSN program will have acquired a body of nursing knowledge built on a theoretical foundation of liberal arts, science, and nursing concepts that will guide professional practice.Competencies:2.1: Incorporate liberal arts and science studies into nursing knowledge.2.2: Comprehend nursing concepts and health theories.2.3: Understand and value the processes of critical thinking, ethical reasoning, and decision making.Domain 3: Nursing PracticeGraduates of Grand Canyon University’s RN-BSN program will be able to utilize the nursing process to provide safe quality care based on nursing best practices.Individual Success Plan Sample PaperCompetencies:3.1: Utilize the nursing process to provide safe and effective care for patients across the health-illness continuum: promoting, maintaining, and restoring health; preventing disease; and facilitating a peaceful death.3.2: Implement patient care decisions based on evidence-based practice.3.3: Provide individualized education to diverse patient populations in a variety of health care settings.3.4: Demonstrate professional standards of practice.Domain 4: Communication/InformaticsGraduates of Grand Canyon University’s RN-BSN program will be able to manage information and technology to provide safe quality care in a variety of settings. In addition, graduates will be able to communicate therapeutically and professionally to produce positive working relationships with patients and health care team members.Competencies:4.1: Utilize patient care technology and information management systems.4.2: Communicate therapeutically with patients.4.3: Professionally communicate and collaborate with the interdisciplinary health care teams to provide safe and effective care.Individual Success Plan Sample PaperDomain 5: Holistic Patient CareGraduates of Grand Canyon University’s RN-BSN program will be able to provide holistic individualized care that is sensitive to cultural and spiritual aspects of the human experience.Competencies:5.1: Understand the human experience across the health-illness continuum.5.2: Assess for the spiritual needs and provide appropriate interventions for individuals, families, and groups.5.3: Provide culturally sensitive care.5.4: Preserve the integrity and human dignity in the care of all patients. Individual Success Plan[Name of Student][Name of Affiliate Institution] The Bachelor of Science in the nursing program involves both the university-based courses and practicum immersion courses. In university-based courses, teacher- candidate critically analyzes and engage in imparting skills and knowledge in different diverse ways. Practicum courses provide an opportunity for teacher-learner to deepen their understanding of the subject topic and also provide a conducive environment for learning.Individual Success Plan Sample PaperProvision of effective learning environment is an important factor in facilitating learning. However, this requires well formulated and programmed individual success plan. Individual success plan is important because they enable mental and physical transformation needed in achieving a given objective. Individual success plan outlines objectives and the actions to be taken. Besides, it helps the learners in eliminating obstacles and creates clear academic paths leading to a positive impact on the learners. Practicum immersion courses are organized to build and integrate knowledge for bachelors’ level programs (Kumm et al, 2016). These are obtained through community practical courses based on the working course objectives.Individual Success Plan Sample PaperObjectives of the individual success planSet informed goals on the field or area of interest, for example, pursuing a bachelors course in nursingHave a reasonable action plan which enables the achievement of the goalsSolve misguided ideasFind a working formula for the attainment of the specific goals.  For an individual to accomplish a bachelor of science in a nursing course he/ she have to meet a given number of hours in the respective areas. The students need to go through the theory work before being sent to a practicum session. There are many units covered in the bachelors of nursing courses. Some of the units include pediatrics, medical-surgical nursing, psychiatric nursing, obstetrics and midwifery. The student is first required to do the theory work before embarking on the practical attachment in the respective clinical areas (Kumm et al, 2016).Individual Success Plan Sample PaperMedical wards will be allocated 10 hours of clinical practicum and attachment. The student will be expected to manage different medical conditions like diabetes, malaria and HIV and AIDS. The learner will also be expected to understand the pathophysiology of different medical conditions in the wards. The student will also be expected to rotate in the surgical wards which are allocated 5 hours of practical and clinical attachment.  In the surgical wards, the learner is expected to manage different surgical conditions within the ward. The different conditions found in the surgical wards include hernias, colostomy, abdominal surgical wounds and burns. The student is expected to learn and understand the management of surgical conditionsOther units which the learner is required to learn to include pediatric nursing, geriatric nursing, oncology nursing, obstetrics and gynecological nursing among other units. Each unit is allocated 10 hours each of practicum hours. Pediatric nursing involves the management of childhood diseases and pathophysiology of the diseases. It includes management of childhood genetic diseases, childhood diabetes, major milestones and developmental stages, and different challenges facing children.Oncology nursing involves study cancerous diseases in the community. It involves the study of how cancers spread to different organs of the body and there general effect on the body. Likewise, obstetrics and gynecological nursing involve the study of different obstetric problems the process of delivery and complications of delivery. Gynecological problems include factors that interfere with reproductive problems among women. It encompasses factors like urinary tract infections, cancers of the reproductive system, obstructed labor among other factors. More of psychiatric nursing involves the study of mentally ill patients and their management.Individual Success Plan Sample PaperDuring the clinical placement, there are a lot of challenges faced by the nurses. One of them is limited placement opportunities, RNs have limited areas to work at, mostly in nursing homes and residential settings.  The role of RNs lacks responsibility and mostly requires semi skills to perform there they never work in specialized areas like critical care unit or renal unit. Mostly the work is boring because you are under a supervisor or a manager hence putting a lot of pressure at work. Secondly, there are delegation problems when it comes to patient’s assessment, evaluation or diagnosis. The registered nurses are therefore forced to delegate since the objectives are beyond their scope. With a bachelor’s degree in nursing, the scope is widened and gives the holders ability to be autonomous in all the decisions they make (Paplham& Austin-Ketch, 2015).Individual Success Plan Sample PaperLow education level among the RNs who wants to upgrade to be bachelors holder is also a major problem. The new and younger BSN person takes the management and administrative positions. This means you will be managed by young and fresh graduates from universities which is often frustrating. Additionally, there are long working hours for the students which is a major challenge during the one hundred hours of practicum. Nurses are often forced to work for long hours leading to compassion fatigue which leads to compromised quality of service (Paplham& Austin-Ketch, 2015). Lastly one experiences physical problems like a backache when you work for long hours. This is because one spends most of the time standing, walking in the corridors of the hospital and because of the constant bending.Individual Success Plan Sample PaperTo resolve these problems, having a preceptorship and mentoring program has been proven to effective in solving the challenges the RN- bachelors nurses are facing. This helps the nurses on the practicum to adapt to the working surrounding. Moreover, it helps them in achieving the required competencies require in the nursing profession. The hospital must, therefore, provide a conducive environment for the nurses on practicum to help them achieve their objectives. A mentoring program which is led by the most experienced and knowledgeable nurses must use mentor-mentee model Paplham& Austin-Ketch, 2015).Individual Success Plan Sample PaperAlso one can use a transition practice program which aims to ensure that the education of the nurses is put in place. This will help in strengthening the confidence and competencies of the nurses immediately they reach the clinical areas. Nurses should be encouraged to pursue advanced degrees to enhance job enrichment and job efficiency. At the same time, the turnover rate of the nurses is also an issue to be considered when needing to solve the problems facing the upgrading nurses. Proper implementation of different programs which promotes the retention of nursing staff is appropriate (Paplham& Austin-Ketch, 2015). Policies should be in place to check on the turnover rate which may leave the nurses in practicum alone without a mentor.Individual Success Plan Sample PaperIn conclusion, nursing as a profession has different cadres. It is important for each nurse to strive and reach the highest cadre which is the doctorate level. However, this comes with a lot of challenges which when mot looked upon may bring different challenges when striving to upgrade.Individual Success Plan Sample Paper ReferencesKumm, S., Godfrey, N., Richards, V., Hulen, J., & Ray, K. (2016). Senior student nurse   proficiency: A comparative study of two clinical immersion models. Nurse education         today, 44, 146-150.Paplham, P., & Austin-Ketch, T. (2015, November). Doctor of nursing practice education:            impact on advanced nursing practice. In Seminars in oncology nursing (Vol. 31, No. 4,          pp. 273-281). WB Saunders. Individual Success Plan Sample Paper

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