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Developmental Psychology Discussion Assignment

Developmental Psychology Discussion AssignmentDevelopmental Psychology Discussion AssignmentEveryone wants the absolute best for their children, yet there are often differing opinions on what actually is “the best.” This is why we have politicians arguing over how public education should be run, hundreds if not thousands of “how to” books on raising children, and of course our own personal preferences and family traditions.In lecture and in your textbook, many scientific studies have been mentioned and referenced that dealwith improving, or maximizing the developmental potential of children. For this assignment, we will belooking at empirical, scientific evidence for methods that help children (conception throughadolescence) to develop.Your task: Identify and describe three (3) things lecture and/or your textbook have described thatcan be done to help children develop in a positive way. Item (1) must be something that parents cando to help their children develop successfully (e.g., parenting styles, nutrition, discipline, etc.),Item (2) must be something schools can do to help children develop successfully (e.g., teaching style,nutrition, physical education, etc.), and Item (3) is up to you to choose (something parents can do,schools can do, the child can do, the government can do, etc.). However, each item must be supportedwith research (your textbook will be the easiest option).Developmental Psychology Discussion AssignmentORDER A PLAGIARISM-FREE PAPER HERE– You may choose any time period from conception through adolescence (each item can befrom a different age range)– Your three items do not have to be on the same topic (it is likely easier to choose 3 differentitems to discuss)– You may use your textbook as a reference, although you are also free to also find outsideresources supporting your view if you likeNOTE: Wikipedia is *NOT* an acceptable resource (although it is a good starting point)– DO NOT simply copy and paste anything from a website, your textbook, or any othermaterial you are referencing. This is plagiarism. You MUST put the information into yourown words. If you plagiarize, you will receive a zero (0) for this assignment.Formatting:– Approximately 2 – 5 pages in length (these are guidelines, not hard limits)– Although this is not an essay (no need for an introduction or conclusion) it is still a writingassignment, so please use complete sentences and paragraphs.– Your paper must be typed & double-spaced– No cover page needed– You may use whatever font & font size you like, as long as it is readable– NO QUOTES allowed, instead rephrase the information in your own words.– Make sure to use citations for your information. Make sure to cite within the text as youmake your statements, and include a reference section at the end of your paper– I am not expecting a “textbook-style” of writing. Write as though you were explaining theconcept to a friend who had never heard of your topic before. Define the appropriatewords, and explain the appropriate concepts well enough that your friend would be able tounderstand after listening to you.Developmental Psychology Discussion AssignmentFor each of your 3 items you should include the following:1) Describe what your (research supported) item is. (what are you suggesting should happen)2) What age range does this apply to? (Infancy? Adolescence? Etc.)3) What specifically are the benefits? (make sure it is supported by research) This is likely yourlongest section, and the one most likely to include your required citation. Do not simply lista few items, you need to describe what the benefits are and why they are beneficial. Citeyour sources.4) How should/could this be implemented? (Be specific and detailed, give examples. Makesure this is both supported by research, as well as realistically achievable.)5) Misc. information you wish to add (not required, but sometimes you may wish to sharepersonal stories or an interesting finding, this is the section to do so)This is not a traditional essay, so please do not write it as such (e.g., you are not required to have anintro, conclusion, etc. Simply the three items.)***IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS AT ALL, PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO ASK ME***EXAMPLE:Item #1: Parenting Styles (Parents)1) Parents should adopt an authoritative style of parenting. 2) The age range this applies to is __________… 3) The benefits of authoritative parenting are _____________… 4) Parents can be more authoritative by ____________…Item #2: Etc. (Schools)1) Etc. 2) Etc. 3) Etc. 4) Etc.Item #3: Etc. (Misc)1) Etc. 2) Etc. 3) Etc. 4) Etc.Developmental Psychology Discussion AssignmentStudent NameDevelopmental PsychAssignment #2Date Due***NOTE: This example is from a similar, but different assignment. It is meant as an example of what Iam basically expecting of you. Make sure you are addressing the questions in your prompt, instead ofmerely copying from this particular sample. If you have questions, please ask!***Item #1 – Mental Stimulation (use it or lose it)1) People in late adulthood should make sure to stay mentally stimulated.2) Although always beneficial, it is particularly important for those in late adulthood (65+) tocontinue to be mentally stimulated.3) Elders who do not continue to stimulate their minds show a loss of cognitive skills as theyprogress through Late Adulthood (Santrock – p.352). Although we should expect some degreeof loss as a normal part of aging, not staying mentally active can accelerate that loss, having anadverse effect on our overall functionality. Research shows that not staying mentally stimulatedleads to atrophy of our neural connections, particularly in the prefrontal cortex (Santrock –p.353). So one huge advantage is that our cognitive skills will show much less of a decline.Another huge advantage is that those who stay mentally active actually live longer. Multiplestudies have shown that those who engage in activities like reading, writing, puzzles and othersimilar behaviors live significantly longer than those who do not (Santrock – p.352).4) This can be implemented in a wide variety of ways. One of the great things about this particularitem, is that there is not just one, specific way of achieving this. The key is to keep your mindactive, to “use it or lose it.” So, the key is to *use* your mind! The textbook specificallymentions eight activities: reading, writing, crossword puzzles, card/board games, groupdiscussions, playing music, and attending lectures or concerts (Santrock – p.352). The internetin particular has made it easy to engage in almost all of these activities. There are plenty of freegames available on the internet, there are free online courses for a variety of topics, lots ofdiscussion boards for conversation, etc. The key of course, is actually *doing* something, whichboils down to personal motivation. On the bright side, for pretty much anything you have aninterest in, there is a book you can read about it, someone to talk to about it, something you canlearn… all of which keep your mind stimulated.Developmental Psychology Discussion Assignment5) Doing this assignment reminded me of my Grandma, who lived to be 97 and had a sharp mindthe entire time. She would read the newspaper every morning, cover to cover, and wouldalways make sure to do her favorite puzzles on the puzzle page. Her favorite was the “can youspot the difference” puzzle, where they would show two pictures and there were subtledifferences between the two. She would always try the crossword puzzle (even if she didn’tfinish it) and also enjoyed the word search. She was always up for a game of scrabble, andbetween her kids and grandkids and friends, not a day would go by that she wasn’t visiting andtalking to someone. I always admired that even in her late 90s she had a sharp wit, and until Itook this class it never really occurred to me that it wasn’t just good luck, it was also herbehavior that helped keep her that way. I certainly plan on doing the same as I get older!Item #2 – Volunteering1) Elders should make an effort to volunteer.Developmental Psychology Discussion Assignment2) People in adolescence (11 – 20) through late adulthood (65+) can benefit from volunteering.3) One benefit of the elderly volunteering is that it helps our communities and everyone living inour communities. Having people volunteer at places like shelters, schools, and libraries helpsthose places function and stay open for everyone else. But volunteering is also beneficial forthose who are actually doing the volunteering, especially for older adults (Santrock – p.369).There are a wide variety of benefits for elderly who volunteer, including being less frail,increased feelings of well-being, better physical health and were even less likely to die!(Santrock – p.369-370).Developmental Psychology Discussion Assignment4) To implement this, elders should find a location to volunteer at and start volunteering. Theinternet has a variety of listings, churches often organize volunteer work, and most communitieswill have a local newsletter or paper that can list potential volunteering locations. One of thegreat things about volunteering is that there are so many options available, if you love animalsyou can volunteer at an animal shelter, if you love books you can volunteer at a library, etc. Thisis probably one of the reasons that volunteering can be so beneficial, it’s not just keeping youactive, it’s letting you engage in something you actually enjoy!5) I used to volunteer at an animal shelter, and I absolutely loved it. However, with school andwork I feel like I just don’t have the time to volunteer right now. But based on my positiveexperiences, and everything we’ve discussed in class, I fully intend to when I do have time andespecially when I’m in late adulthood.Item #3 – Exercise1) Older adults should exercise regularly.Developmental Psychology Discussion Assignment2) Exercise is beneficial across the entire life-span.3) There are many benefits to exercise, particularly in late adulthood (65+). First and foremost,exercise helps people to be physically fit, and a recent study showed that those who are less fitare more than twice as likely to die than those who are considered even moderately fit(Santrock – p.346). People who exercise are less likely to die, and live significantly longer livesthan those who do not. Exercise can help minimize many of the losses we experience in lateadulthood, including strength, flexibility, injury, lung capacity, cardiovascular health and bonestrength (Santrock – p. 345-346). Additionally, exercise is not just physically beneficial butcognitively. Research shows elders who exercise regularly have superior information processingskills than those who do not (Santrock – p.346). We also know that exercise benefits our mentalhealth as well, and those who exercise experience less anxiety and depression (Santrock –p.275).4) To implement this, older adults need to start exercising. This is likely easier said than donehowever, because while elders might have more free time in which to exercise, their bodies arefrailer than when they were younger. This means certain activities and exercises may not beavailable to older adults, especially if they have not been regularly exercising. However, elderscan sign up for classes like yoga, water aerobics and weight training at a local gym or communitycenter. Many hobbies or leisure activities also include physical exercise, such as gardening orsports (like golf or bowling) and of course there is perhaps the easiest exercise of all: walking.This can include walking around your neighborhood, at a local track, or many shopping mallsopen their doors early for elders to walk out of the sun/rain/weather.5) My Grandma grew up working on a farm, and loved to garden. She worked in her own yard,doing her own yard work and gardening all the way into her 90’s, getting a lot of exercise whiledoing so. This absolutely helped her stay fit and to live a long and fulfilling life, plus she got toeat fresh fruit and vegetables! This showed me that even if you don’t have a gym membership,and even if you don’t engage in exercise where you have to count your reps/sets, you can stillstay physically active and enjoy the same benefits.Developmental Psychology Discussion AssignmentREFERENCESSantrock, J.W. (2011). Essentials of Life-Span Development (2nd Edition). New York: McGraw-Hill. Developmental Psychology Discussion Assignment

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