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BIO201 Waldorf Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Community Action PPT

Hello,I need some help organizing a written action plan into a slide show. I already completed the written report so I just need to organize information in a Powerpoint presentation.The presentation is to be in APA format with in-text citation.Here are some requirements:The slide presentation describes the problem in your community and your action plan.Your presentation must be 8-10 slides in length not counting the title and reference slides.Your presentation must be supported by at least two scholarly articles.You may use a Web-based slide presentation software such as Prezi, for example, or you may use PowerPoint. If you use a Web-based tool, include the URL to your presentation in a Word document and upload with your presentation.The audience for this presentation will be community members or organizations you wish to educate about the public health issue and your proposed plan.The purpose of this slide presentation is to educate the audience about the issue. Keep in mind that in real life you will have limited time to convince people of the gravity of the situation and to come on board with their support, so you want to be persuasive and get to the key points quickly and effectively.Attached is the community action plan in a written report. Please read through the written report.The presentation has to follow the written report with a slide for the Symptoms, diagnosis, cure, and prevention and two references per slide in in-text citation APA format.Thank you! 🙂

Portfolio Milestone: Community Action Plan and Written Report
Carmelita M. Gomez
BIO201 – Public Health and the Environment
Colorado State University – Global Campus
Dr. Lee Ott
October 4, 2019
Symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental condition that is common within the
military. Anyone else can also be affected by PTSD. The mental state is brought about by the
experience acquired from the terrifying events that come with military involvement. The
attributes of getting involved in the condition are as a result of experiencing or witnessing the
scary incident, such as an explosion where you lose your friend or the gruesome killing of
innocent people, especially children. According to Shalev, Liberzon & Marmar (2017), PTSD
symptoms differ in individuals. For some, the symptoms will last for less than three months,
others it will take at least three months to show visible signs, whereas, in others, it might take
years to show visible signs. PTSD is associated with the symptoms indicated below.
An individual is accustomed to re-experiencing the terrifying event. This occurs through
flashbacks, nightmares, and by recollecting the facts in an intrusive distressing manner. Another
primary symptom is emotional numbness. Victims of PTSD have been known to avoid certain
places, people, or activities since they act to remind them of the trauma they are fighting to
forget. Typically, when one experiences increased arousal in various activities, they may be
affected by PTSD. The attribution of difficulty in sleeping and concentrating is an implication of
the mental disorder. Other conditions of hyperarousal may be feeling excited, and the
proliferation of being easily annoyed. The condition can affect anyone who has experienced
anxiety or depression or an individual who does not get the necessary support from friends and
family members. Technically, it attacks the brain. As a result, it lowers the ability of the brain to
function optimally (Vinokur, Pierce, Lewandowski-Romps, Hobfoll, & Galea, 2011). The ability
of someone to perform tasks effectively is affected; this can extend to compromising their
relationships with the rest of the population.
Diagnosis of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
A range of factors can cause PTSD. Fatal accidents results to traumatic attributes for the
survivors or even those close to the victims. In several instances, those that have survived plane
crashes fear boarding planes. The implication of creating a recollection of the occurrence of the
crash is what bars victims from wanting to fly again (Yehuda, Hoge, McFarlane, Vermetten,
Lanius, Nievergelt & Hyman, 2015). Physical or sexual assault is a contributor to the creation of
stress. The attribute of being stigmatized leads one into getting depressed and thus developing
PTSD. Several waves of abuse ranging from childhood abuse to domestic violence, can
contribute to the development of various mental conditions. When a child grows through
violence, they are implicated in developing stress and trauma. Such experiences can lead to the
development of PTSD in the event of the occurrence of a terrifying event. Other factors that can
cause mental disturbances are torture, war and conflict, the exposure to traumatic incidents at the
workplace, and severe health problems, among others. In recent years the United States Air
Force community has been affected by an increase in mutiple mental illnesses that have caused
over 78 Airmen to committ suicide this year alone (Losey, 2019). That is 78 total Airmen
throughout the Air Force and all ranging in ages and professions in the Air Force. In my
community at Peterson Air Force Base (AFB) in Colorado Springs, Colorado mental health and
Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) has been a huge concern for many members. After much
research it is evident that the public health issue of mental health has affected many people and
the demographics vary.
In recent studies, it has been found that in the year of 2016 about 61,558 mental health
cases were opened in which service members were treated or received some type of counseling
and about 17.5% of the population were diagnosed with a mental health illness (“Armed Forces
Health Surveillance Branch. Epidemiology and Analyses: Surveillance Case Definitions”, n.d.).
According to a mental health survey taken by 52,780 active duty military members of the United
States Air Force, found that 3 percent of male participants and 5.2 female participants have
experienced suicidal ideations and 77.3% of members were hospitalized for symptoms related to
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (Dingfelder, 2009).
Relatively, many other communities have suffered PTSD; some have dealt with it while
others still battle to overcome it. In the music industry, the rivalry has created heated debates
over and over. When a musician fails to sell their record label and is faced with several scandals,
cases of suicide have been recorded. The same is common in the fields of football and soccer.
Individuals that do not deliver have been characterized by PTSD (Lieberman, 2018). The
pressure to satisfy your audience is much and might weigh you down. To deal with the above
conditions is critical as it enhances the survival of an individual. Through therapeutic action and
medication, people experiencing PTSD have been known to recover. Therapy is an essential
disposition for individuals suffering from mental health issues.
Curing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
PTSD is not strictly curable, but through particular types of therapy and medication, its
effects can be mitigated. Through therapy, the symptoms of PTSD are potentially increased. The
inclination of teaching PTSD patients approaches to dealing with the mental condition is
addressed in therapy. Since the esteem of PTSD patients might be low, the need to restore is it
necessary. Losey (2019) implies that through therapy, esteem restoration is enhanced. The
thought patterns and the disturbing attributes that buffet your brain are changed when you engage
in PTSD therapy. Depending on your situation, it is advisable to participate in either cognitive or
prolonged exposure therapy. The other attribute of dealing with PTSD is through medication.
The administration of antidepressants has been stabilized to be valid towards coping with PTSD.
Paroxenine, sertraline, amitriptyline, phenelzine, or mirtazapine have been incorporated to treat
post-traumatic stress disorder in adults.
Another essential disposition of treating PTSD is learning how to reduce it. You need to
spend a valuable amount of time monitoring your behavior. Pay attention to the instances, places,
or people that trigger your PTSD symptoms and try to avoid such locations. Conduct an
assessment of the distress level that is linked with various attributes. The things that trigger your
PTSD symptoms should be avoided. The occurrence of mental health issues can be controlled by
the quality of discussing its effects with those close to you before things get out of hand. It is
critical to avoid staying alone and in enclosed places, as this might trigger your PTSD symptoms
(Pruitt, 2018). The attribute of approaching the situations you avoid can significantly contribute
to the need for understanding the circumstances in the long-run.
Prevention of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
The attribute of civilians and military demographic being kept out of harm’s way is an
inclination that can help prevent traumatic development. Wild, Smith, Thompson, Béar, Lommen
& Ehlers (2016) says that through the elimination of emotional traumas that are brought as a
result of rape, violent crimes, or severe accidents will serve to prevent the occurrence of PTSD.
Through the avoidance of events that might trigger your PTSD, you imply the prevention of the
mental health issue occurring. The attribute of getting enlightened on the mental condition also
provides an avenue of avoiding attack by the same. The stipulations above are essential and can
be deployed to various individuals depending on their adaptability patterns. Through
psychological and behavioral interventions discussed above, the mitigation of PTSD is critically
By treating PTSD in its early stages, you influence its end. The attribute of being exposed
to any form of harm will mitigate the occurrence of mental health issues in individuals with weak
adaptability proliferations. It is vital to create awareness of the mental condition. It is a priority to
take action to educate the community on mental illness as a whole and specifically PTSD. By
educating the masses on what the illness is and how it can be treated will create a healthier
There are organizations in the Peterson Air Force Base community, like the University of
Colorado, Colorado Springs (UCCS) Veterans Health and Trauma Clinic, that are focused on
providing not only educational courses for patients dealing with PTSD but also their family
members. In addition an organization like the Wounded Warrior project can provide assistance to
members of the community that have PTSD and assist the military member with all aspects of
wellness. If the Peterson Air Force Base community partnered with these organizations the
members would have the needed support and allow the members to live a more healthy life while
serving their country.
The approach initiates mechanisms of caring for those with the disease and enlightening
those without it. The relevance of spotting the condition becomes comfortable, and thus dealing
with it is enhanced. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is an attribute that is provided to
enable an individual to get connected to trauma-related stimuli to maintain the fear of extinction
in a safe context (Abrams, 2018). The application of clinical prevention stipulates the exposure
to treatment that challenges the condition of taking place in the future.
Abrams, A. (2018, May 6). Eradicating Mental Health Stigma in the Military and Beyond.
Action. Retrieved from
Armed Forces Health Surveillance Branch. Epidemiology and Analyses: Surveillance Case
Definitions. Accessed 09/15/19 Found at:
Dingfelder, S. (2009, June). The Military’s War on Stigma. Retrieved from
Exposure on air force personnel’s mental health, job burnout, and other organizations related
outcomes. Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, 16(1), 3–17.
Lieberman, J. A. (2018, December 18). Solving the Mystery of Military Mental Health: A Call to
Losey, S. (2019, August 02). With deaths by suicide rising, Air Force orders resiliency
Pruitt, L. (2018, July 2). Department of Defense Releases Annual Report on Military Suicide.
Retrieved from
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Journal of Medicine, 376(25), 2459-2469.
Stand-Down. Retrieved August 20, 2019, from


University of Colorado, Colorado Springs Veterans Health and Trauma Clinic. N.d. Retrieved
Vinokur, A., Pierce, P., Lewandowski-Romps, L., Hobfoll, S., & Galea, S. (2011). Effects of war
Wild, J., Smith, K. V., Thompson, E., Béar, F., Lommen, M. J. J., & Ehlers, A. (2016). A
prospective study of pre-trauma risk factors for post-traumatic stress disorder and
Psychological medicine, 46(12), 2571-2582.
Wounded Warrior Project, n.d. Retrieved from
Yehuda, R., Hoge, C. W., McFarlane, A. C., Vermetten, E., Lanius, R. A., Nievergelt, C. M., …
& Hyman, S. E. (2015). Post-traumatic stress disorder. Nature Reviews Disease Primers, 1,


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