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Benchmark – Goals for Stevens District Hospital, Part 1 Assignment

Benchmark – Goals for Stevens District Hospital, Part 1 Assignment Benchmark – Goals for Stevens District Hospital, Part 1 AssignmentClear, actionable, and measurable goals are essential to strategic planning. It is important that the goals are designed to support the mission and vision of an organization.Complete the chart with a total of 260 to 350 words. Your analysis should be based on your review of the data provided in the Stevens District Hospital strategic planning scenario and your SWOT analysis.Identify a clear, actionable, and measurable technology goal for the organization that clearly supports the mission and vision.Analyze how this goal supports the mission and vision of the hospital.Benchmark – Goals for Stevens District Hospital, Part 1 AssignmentExplain how you would measure progress toward the goal.Discuss milestones necessary for progress.Discuss the criteria you would use to measure that the goal was completed.ORDER A PLAGIARISM-FREE PAPER HEREReferences (format using correct APA guidelines)Cite 2 peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar references to support your assignment.Use correct APA in-text citation guidelines and include references above.HCS 499 CapstoneStrategic Planning ScenarioBackgroundStevens District Hospital is a 162-bed acute care hospital that is qualified as a not for profit facility. The hospital was originally a county-owned facility and its status was transferred to an independent facility three years ago. The hospital receives no external funding from government agencies for operations. The hospital is accredited by The Joint Commission and received reaccreditation during their triannual survey last year. The hospital has an aggressive quality management program and a low volume of medical malpractice claims. The hospital is located in Jefferson City, which is a city of 50,000 with 80,000 in the regional market. The hospital provides a general range of acute care services, including medical/surgical, rehab, and emergency care.Benchmark – Goals for Stevens District Hospital, Part 1 AssignmentCurrent Performance AnalysisMission and VisionOur mission: To improve health by providing high-quality care, a comprehensive range of services, and exceptional service.Our vision: Stevens District Hospital and its affiliates will be the health care provider of choice for physicians and patients. Our five year vision is to create a large, multispecialty physician practice system that would include at least six family practice physicians and specialists in cardiology, oncology, and women’s services. Currently, the hospital employs three family practice physicians, one obstetrician, one medical oncologist, and one non-invasive cardiologist.Previous Strategic Plan ReviewGoalAccomplishmentsIncrease market share by recruiting three family practice physicians.The hospital was able to recruit only one family practice physician to increase primary care market this past year. The limited number of state medical school graduates makes local recruitment difficult. Improve quality HCAHPS scores in all six criteria to a baseline of the 85th percentile. The hospital improved HCAHPS scores in four of six criteria. Lagging elements in HCAHPS scores are inpatient patient satisfaction and primary care patient satisfaction.Market Forces Affecting the HospitalVolumes 44582093040563655147262924727284050001000015000200002500030000AdmissionER visitsDeliveriesSurgeriesVolume changes last year versus this yearLast yearThis yearBenchmark – Goals for Stevens District Hospital, Part 1 AssignmentPatientsThe continued growth of chronic disease will require changes to the care management model.Percent of Population by Age Five Years AgoFive Years From NowUnder 18241818 to 44463245 to 652630Over 65420More than 53 percent of residents have at least some college education, with just over 29 percent having an associate, bachelor’s, or graduate degree. More than 90 percent of residents have at least a high school diploma.The average unemployment rate in the county is 9.9 percent:Market share distribution percentage with a major competitor. Five Years AgoLast YearStevens District Hospital4835Competitor3043Out of County Hospitals2222Patient Origin by Zip Code  Increases in the percent of population with chronic disease and contributing factors will change significantly over the coming five years.  PaymentThere will be continued focus on pay for performance and increased wellness programs. The Affordable Care Act is creating more covered lives; however, there are often high deductibles.The median household income for county residents is $59,548. On average, households in the county earn more than the state median household income of $44,446 and more than the national average of $53,650. The addition of a new automotive manufacturing plant to the local market this coming year is projected to add 1,500 production line jobs and 300 administrative jobs by year end. Median income for the production positions is estimated at $45,000 and will provide health, vision, and dental insurance benefits.  Medicaid, 35%Medicare, 30%Commercial, 24%Uninsured, 9%Other, 2% As part of your review of this data, consider that a portion of the population will become Medicare eligible, the addition of manufacturing positions that include benefits will increase commercial insurance coverage, and changes from the Affordable Care Act will increase the number of patients in the market with insurance coverage.EmployersThere is expected growth in large employers with the addition of the automotive factory in the northwest sector of the county.PhysiciansThe continued shortage of medical staff, especially in orthopedics, oncology, and primary care, will require increased recruitment efforts.Benchmark – Goals for Stevens District Hospital, Part 1 AssignmentCompetitorsHanover County Hospital, which is the other hospital in the county, has an updated facility that has drawn more market share to its facility.CompetitorKey Areas of CompetitionNew Programs and FacilitiesRisk to Market SharePrimary CompetitorsHanover County HospitalFacility upgradeQuality scoresSignificant renovation of core hospital to update aestheticsAdded new wide-bore MRI machine last yearReaches the 95th percentile in five of six HCAHPS categoriesDrawing patients to newer facilityAccommodates heavier patientsPatient perception of higher quality and patient satisfactionMedical Center in County South of StevensPhysician clinicsFinancial stabilityE-visits with specialistsLow debt and high cash on handDrawing patients out of primary and specialty care at StevensAbility to cash flow projectsSecondary Competitors  Retail Pharmacy Instant ClinicLow acuity office visitsPharmacy added instant clinic in north end of county 6 months agoLoss of patients from primary care physicians’ practicesTechnologyA competing hospital has added e-visits for physician practices, which is causing a shift of patients to the competitor hospital’s physician practices.Regulatory ChangesHealth care reform through the Affordable Care Act has increased the number of patients with some form of insurance payment. These patients are now seeking care in greater numbers from a primary care physician. Stevens District Hospital struggles with accommodating patient scheduling requests to establish care with a primary care physician.PlanPlanning Components Explanation GoalObjectiveActionsDefinitionOrganization goals that cover broad strategic issues, such as quality, finances, growthBroad action items that address organizational goals, such as increasing market share, increased use of technology, increased physician satisfactionAction item that meets an objective, such as implementing EMR, renovating physician lounge, increasing marketing for specific productsExamples– Improve HCAHPS scores by 5%– Improve operating margin by 3%– Increase market share in 96103 zip code by 5% – Improve emergency department patient satisfaction survey by 5%– Grow urgent care visits by 10%– Implement urgent care center in north zip code– Purchase tablets for physicians for EMR roundingMeasurement– % increase in operating margin– % change in market share – % change in ED satisfaction survey– % change in urgent care visits– Number of patient visits at new urgent care center– % increased use of EMRFinancial Summary  This yearLast yearOperating Revenues   Net revenues from services to patients343,737,280344,726,245Other operating revenues16,846,30920,311,534Total operating revenues360,583,589365,037,779   Operating Expenses   Salaries and benefits192,053,379182,853,245Supplies and other expenses130,173,477135,560,131Depreciation18,969,79920,644,157Interest2,695,6232,226,437Foundation628,1841,182,308Total operating expenses344,520,462342,466,278   Income from operations16,063,12722,571,50196101 is Stevens District Hospital zip code94963 is major competitor hospital zip codeBenchmark – Goals for Stevens District Hospital, Part 1 AssignmentProjected Payer Mix 5-years Current Payer Mix Percentage of Population by Insurance  Copyright © 2017 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved._1521445885.xlsChart10.420.420.[], 52%Sheet1Column1Column29610142%9392112%9210616%9496320%_1521446193.xlsChart144585147209302629240547263657284Last yearThis yearVolume changes last year versus this yearSheet1Last yearThis yearAdmission44585147ER visits2093026292Deliveries405472Surgeries63657284_1521447893.xlsChart10.350. Age Distribution 2010Sheet1US Age Distribution 2010Medicaid35%Medicare30%Commercial24%Uninsured9%Other2%To resize chart data range, drag lower right corner of range._1521445882.xlsChart10. yrs ago5 yrs aheadChronic Disease PredictionsSheet15 yrs ago5 yrs aheadObesity15%26%Diabetes5%12%Heart Disease12%22% Goals for Stevens District Hospital, Part 1HCS/499 Version 41University of Phoenix Material Goals for Stevens District Hospital, Part 1 Clear, actionable, and measurable goals are essential to strategic planning. It is important that the goals are designed to support the mission and vision of an organization.Complete the chart with a total of 260 to 350 words. Your analysis should be based on your review of the data provided in the Stevens District Hospital strategic planning scenario and your SWOT analysis.Identify a clear, actionable, and measurable technology goal for the organization that clearly supports the mission and vision.Benchmark – Goals for Stevens District Hospital, Part 1 AssignmentAnalyze how this goal supports the mission and vision of the hospital. Explain how you would measure progress toward the goal.· Discuss milestones necessary for progress.· Discuss the criteria you would use to measure that the goal was completed.Cite 2 peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar references to support your assignment.· References (format using correct APA guidelines)· Use correct APA in-text citation guidelines and include references above. Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.BENCHMARK ASSIGNMENT – SWOT ANALYSIS 2Benchmark Assignment – Swot AnalysisInstitution affiliation:Students name:Date:Purpose of conducting the analysis in the context of the scenario.SWOT analysis is carried out to be able to identify and appraise the internal (strengths and weaknesses) and external (opportunities and threats) environments which affect the operations of the business. This enables the management to recognize factors that influence the functioning of the hospital and hence provide necessary information required to improve and identify the roadblocks to management and planning. SWOT analysis enables the organization to prepare for the opportunities available and exploit them fully, attempt to prevent risks and problems faced. Thereafter, the organization will be able to design reliable and trustworthy strategies during decision making process (Abdel-Basset et al 2018).Analyze the limitations and advantages of conducting a SWOT analysis. Advantages SWOT analysis provides critical and essential information regarding the operations of the business enabling the management to understand the business dealing better. The organization will be able to maximize on areas they are good at(strengths),capitalize on the market niches available by exploring all avenues for continuity of its operations.conversely,the business will be able to deal with the weaknesses posed internally and view threats in different perspective understanding they are there to improve the company but not to bring it into its knees(Abdel-Basset et al 2018).Thereafter, the business will confidently establish its goals and strategies which are aligned with its vision and mission and work tirelessly to achieve the objectives.Limitations of SWOT analysis According to Abdel-Basset et al 2018, the analysis only mull over issues that encompasses Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats making it a challenge to deal with the unforeseen issues.Swot analysis categorically identify issues but do not offer solution to the concerns requiring the management to design work breakdown schedule to execute the implementation of the details of swot analysis. When using the SWOT, one is able to obtain several ideas and a lot of information which very few are helpful in the execution of the strategies.Similarly,the SWOT analysis does not provide choices to all the ideas collected making it difficult for the organization to identify which one will work best. SWOT analysis only presents what need to be done, or what posses’ challenges and the prospects of the business. This limitation will require the management to organize strategies and schedule to be followed to execute the contents of the analysis.Table 1: SWOT AnalysisStevens’s district hospital has employed for the past two years experienced special expertise especially in the orthopedics and primary care which has increased efficiency in service delivery attracting more customers to the facility.Benchmark – Goals for Stevens District Hospital, Part 1 AssignmentPerceived strength (internal)The hospital has also incorporated e-visits for physician practices facilitating communication and access to better services convincing invalids to remain in the amenity than competitors.Perceived strength (internal)Stevens’s district hospital operates in Jefferson City with a population of close to 80,000.with the many patients they serve daily posses a problem of delayed services delivery making patients to seek treatment from competitors with adequate resources that operates fast.Perceived weakness (internal)The hospital has experienced reduced market share from 30-43 within five years due to high influx of competitors from 30-40 health facilities in the region.this makes them compete for patiens and a facility which provides better services has upper hand in attracting and retraining customer.Perceived weakness (internal)The hospital has had an improved income in the last five years to up to $22,571,501 last year from 16,063,127.this means that the competitors are vulnerable or offering poor services compelling the patients to Stevens’s hospital. They have taken advantage of the market gap and made progress.Perceived opportunity (external)Stevens hospital has also improved there facilities by introduction of e-visits to physicians simplifying their operations and motivating them to provide quality service and retain already existing customers.Perceived opportunity (external)The hospital has faced stiff competition from new physician clinics which practices primary and special care attracting many patients to these facilitiesPerceived threat (external)Stevens’s district hospital being nonprofit oriented, management Finds it difficult to upgrade the facility to higher standard due to limited sources of revenues. Other competitors have renovated their facilities drawing patients to newer amenities.Perceived threat (external)RefencesAbdel-Basset, M., Mohamed, M., & Smarandache, F. (2018). An Extension of Neutrosophic AHP–SWOT Analysis for Strategic Planning and Decision-Making. Symmetry, 10(4), 116. Benchmark – Goals for Stevens District Hospital, Part 1 Assignment

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