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(5) peer review

Hi,I need help responding to 5 peer review. I am not looking for a paragraph but at least 4 sentences, responding their post.

Upload a copy of your A3 image and answer the following questions:
1. Where did you find this image? What type of image is it (i.e., poster, advertisement, etc.)
Where was it first published?
2. Based on the initial publication (type and date released), discuss the audience and how this ad
may catch their eye.
3. What are the strongest visual analysis points in this image (terms on pgs. 208 and 210)? Give
an example of three and discuss how each is working to appeal to the intended audience?
4. What is the cultural significance of the image? How does the original publication source work
to bring forth this significance to the intended audience?
Kurstina Simmons Post
1. I found it on my search engine. It is an advertisement for gun control originally from
2. The audience is towards parents and concerned citizens, and mainly those against gun
violence. It catches their eye because there is a child holding a giant gun.
3. Content, because of the children and the physical objects in their hands. This also deals
with the Focus on the children and the objects in their hand, the background is obviously a
school but the main focus is the children and the objects they are holding. They both play into
the Significance of the photo and its impact on the audience. Its meant to be eyecatching and
to start up a conversation. The lighting of the Ad is very dim and the entire picture looks very
4. The cultural significance is gun violence most importantly in schools. Gun control, and the
idea that some things like books have been banned yet weapons that can kill people aren’t.
The children create a larger appeal to those with parents and it really does begin a
conversation about why one harmless thing is banned in places where an extremely harmful
one isn’t. The gun and the school setting bring forth the conversation about school shootings
as well.
Mckenzie Storr Post: 1. I found this image as the album art of a band named Shinedown’s
album called Us and Them. It was created for the album and was published on October 4th,
2. The audience this album art brings in is a bit more of an alternative one. The artist of the
cover, James Jean, is a comic book artist and has designed and drawn for major comic
industries like Marvel, for example, and was a blossoming artist at the time of the album
publication. The cartoon and comic style vibes bring a more youthful audience in, while the
deeper distress hidden in the faces of the people on the cover relays different meaning s to all
sorts of age groups. The people on the album art are also depicted as students, standing in
front of a school with their backpacks on, tying in the highschool and college-age students.
3. The strongest visual analysis points are the composition, the lighting, and the angle. The
composition is how the subjects and information are placed in the image, in this case, they are
asymmetrical. There are several people close to one another, but all doing or focused on
something different. This brings the idea of separation within the togetherness. The lighting is
dark and moody with a couple of highlighted spots throughout the image. Some people’s faces
are more highlighted than others, along with the sky and windows of the building. The
higlighted areas of the image could show that people are being singled out; the highlighted
faces and what appears to be the highlighted window of the school could correlate to how they
are singled out. The angle is looking up slightly at the characters in the image, which I think
gives the whole image a bit more of a dramatic feeling. It also creats leading lines that bring
the eye to the American flag that is flying high in the background, over them all. These
elements all appeal to the mid to young aged audience because we have all felt singled out
before, and this image essentially tells you that without words. While the art may be
signifying separation and loneliness, it lets the audience know they are not the only ones that
feel this way.
4. To me, this image shows the obstacles youth of different ethnicity, races, religions, etc,
must overcome to remain united in this world. The original publication sources bring forth the
significance to the intended audience by making those in the cover similar to them. I feel this
art is aimed at the young to the mid-adult audience, and that by showing those of a younger
age it helps to draw them in and want to check out their music.
Brianna Hall
1.)I found this image on the This image is an advertisement. It was first
published by a few students at the university of North Texas.
2.)The audience for this ad would be anyone that is against women breastfeeding in public.
The image was created to show a sad mother in an unsanitary public bathroom stall in order to
feed her baby.
3.)The strongest visual analysis points in this ad are content, lighting, and texture. The content
is very important because it ties the face of the mom, the unsanitary background, and the baby
eating all together. Every aspect of the image will have the viewer think. The lighting of the
image is important because it adds a cool filter to the image, almost in black and white. Cool
and low lighting makes the image appear in a bad way. The texture of the background gives
the unsanitary look. If the stall were to be completely clean and white, viewers might not
understand the full importance of the issue.
4.)Women have been ridiculed for years for showing too much skin and even breastfeeding in
public. Many women are forced to feed their children in bathrooms when they are out in
public with their child, to avoid judgement. The ad is made to make people empathize with
the mother and baby and to stop the stigma that breastfeeding in public is a bad thing. A
normal person would not want to eat on the toilet, why should a mother have to feed her baby
on one?
Kailey Reed Post
1. Where did you find this image? What type of image is it (i.e., poster, advertisement, etc.)
Where was it first published?
I found this image in an article published on the New York Times, “Avoiding Violent
Images for an Anti-Poaching Campaign”, written by Andrew Adam Newman. The image is an
anti-poaching ad campaign originally published by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).
2. Based on the initial publication (type and date released), discuss the audience and how this
ad may catch their eye.
The ad was published as a part of WWF’s “Stop Wildlife Crime – It’s Dead Serious”
campaign. In addition to the ad WWF published a series of videos showing the crimes and
threats animals such as tigers, elephants, rhinos, and other exotic animals face. The
organization’s website has a page with all the information about the campaign and ways to
help with their goal to stop poaching.
3. What are the strongest visual analysis points in this image (terms on pgs. 208 and 210)?
Give an example of three and discuss how each is working to appeal to the intended audience?
Content: The main focal points on the ad are the three animals, the tiger, the elephant, and
the rhinoceros, along with the corresponding captions, “I am not a rug”, “I am not a trinket”,
and “I am not medicine.” The animals and the captions are the first thing the audience sees
which draws them into the ad.
Framing: The ad is line with framed on the top and bottom with a red line. The red borders
stick out against the dark background and creates a sense of caution, and warning.
Lighting: The lighting on the image creates highlights and casts dark shadows on the animals.
The contrast between the highlights and shadows makes the animals stick out, and fits the
serious tone of the message.
4. What is the cultural significance of the image? How does the original publication source
work to bring forth this significance to the intended audience?
The cultural significance is the cruelty and poaching on exotic animals. Along with facts on
the posters containing statistics on how many animals are killed each year and why, either for
their fur or tusks. The original publisher, WWF, has done many things to shed light to the
situation by publishing ad like this, creating a series of videos showing the threats these
animals face, and explaining how they are trying to stop poaching, as well as creating ways
for people to join their cause.
Justin Duc Tran Post
1. I found this image on Google because when I thought of this project this specific
advertisement came into my mind. This image is a billboard and it was posted above the Nike
store in San Francisco, California on September 5th, 2018.
2. This ad may catch the audience’s eyes because of the type of controversy the United States
has been experiencing, for example, the man on the billboard is Colin Kaepernick, he is an
NFL quarterback but teams refuse to sign him for his actions that bring awareness in the black
3. The strongest visual points on this image are the angle the photo is taken at, the focus of the
image, and the content. The angle of the photo is taken at an even viewpoint, this suggests
that everyone is equal and should be treated the same. The focus of the image is Colin
Kaepernick, he is famously known for kneeling during the national anthem and his actions
outside of being an athlete. The content is the quote “Believe in something. Even if it means
sacrificing everything.” Kaepernick has risked his proficient NFL career to stand up for
something he believes in, him not being signed to a team since 2016 has shown for that.
4. The cultural significance of the image is to bring awareness to the black community and the
trauma they have experienced in their past years. The original publication source, Nike, uses
its platform to help Kaepernick. Almost everyone uses Nike products in their everyday lives
and continue to purchase Nike products.


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